11 Early '00s Beauty Products That You Couldn't Live Without — PHOTOS

Good trends always come back in style — which explains why you don't see all that many things from the early '00s on the shelves these days. The era of clip-in hair accessories and glittery makeup wasn't always the best for fashion, but it sure does make looking back at middle school pictures a lot more interesting for those of us who came of age back then. That being said, there's a reason that these beauty trends were beloved in the '00s.

Early '00s makeup was all about more being, well, more. For the life of me I can't figure out how my parents let me out of the house with bright blue clip in hair extensions and glittery mascara at the same time. The big three — Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguilera, of course — were leading the world in fashion with their belly shirts and crimped hair, and the rest of us just fell right into line. It was almost like the more bizarre you looked, the better.

As crazy as styles was in those days, these items will always have a place in every millennials' heart. These 11 makeup trends will that we loved in the early '00s will forever bring back the good 'ole days when life was easy and colorful clip-in extensions were in style.

1. Lip Smackers

Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Lip Gloss, $8, The Online Drugstore

These little colorful lip balms were huge in the '00s. They were a staple in every millennial's makeup bag.

2. Spray-In Hair Color

Jerome Russell BWild Color Spray, $5, Target

Whether it was clip-in or spray-on, colored streaks were one of the coolest hair trends of the '00s. Whoever said Kylie Jenner made colored hair cool obviously didn't live through this era.

3. Kissable Beauty Products

Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats, $30, eBay

This line of edible body frosting (aka lotion), perfume, and body glitter was obsession-worthy circa 2003, as were most beauty products that smelled like dessert.

4. Bon Bons Nail Polish

Bon Bons Nail Polish, $3, Stuff4Beauty

These little guys were the must-have nail polish of the '00s. They were tiny, but they were well worth the 99 cents that they cost you.

5. Snap-In Hair Clips

Silver Metal Snap Hair Clips, $5, Factory Direct Craft

Along with butterfly clips, these bulky hair clips were meant to be noticed.

6. Sun-In Hair Lightener

Sun-In Original Hair Lightener, $5, Jet

Streaked highlights were so 2005, and there was no easier way to achieve it then to spray some of this in your hair and go lay out in the sun.

7. Fake Hair Scrunchies

Snythetic Hair Scrunchie, $4, New Chic

Fake hair of all kinds was like the drugstore's answer to extensions.

8. Thick Headbands

Wide Lady Satin Headwear, $2, Bang good

Blaire Waldorf called, she wants her headband back.

9. Crimper

Bed Head Wave Artist, $24, Target

Everyone from Paris Hilton to Christina Aguilera rocked the crimped waves, so a crimper as a must-have.

10. Hair Wraps

Conair Quick Twist, $20, Ulta

Hair wraps were super cool in the '00s, and the at-home wrapper was one of the most coveted beauty products.

12. Colored Mascara

L.A. Colors Bold Colors Lash Mascara, $5, Amerimark

Colored lashes was one of those beauty trends where you look back and think why? But there was nothing cooler in the early '00s.

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