How To Avoid Blisters With New Sneakers

Whether working out at the gym, training for a marathon, or just strolling the city, breaking in a new pair of sneakers doesn’t have to be painful. If you’re wondering how to avoid blisters with new sneakers, it’s surprisingly easy. Following the tips below and you’ll be good to go in no time.

Word to the wise: Taking the time to properly avoid getting blisters is well worth your time. Before I started training for my first half marathon, I decided it would be a great idea to buy a new pair of sneakers three weeks before the big day and knew nothing about effectively preventing blisters. Face palm.

While the final run itself was amazing and I ceased to feel my feet after mile eight anyway, I racked up so many blisters that even walking was seriously uncomfortable for nearly two weeks after the race. I’m happy to report I’ve gotten a little wiser since that first run and now break in sneakers properly every single time.

I could have saved myself so much pain with the simple strategies below, so I hope you take the time to try them out before popping on your brand new pair of shoes.

1. Use Packing Tape

Scotch Packing Tape, $9, Amazon

Slicking a piece of clear packing tape over your foot in the places you think are most likely to blister will create an effective barrier.

2. Wear In The House

To figure out which places in the shoe cause pressure that could most likely cause blisters, where them in your house for a few hours. Notice your toe starting to get rubbed against a bit? Pop tape over that particular area to prevent what would otherwise have turned into a mean blister.

3. Apply Anti Blister Balm

Miracle Shield Stick, $14, Dr Scholls

Swiping anti-blister balm over your feet before popping on your sneakers creates a barely-noticeable layer of protection between your skin and your shoes.

4. Deodorant

Tom's Lavender Deodorant, $4, Amazon

If you don't have time to locate anti blister balm before you need to wear your sneakers, covering your feet in deodorant will mimic the balm's effects.

5. Foot Petals

Tip Toes Combo Pack, $15, Amazon

If you think the majority of your blisters will result from your feet slipping around in your sneakers a bit, foot petals will help lock everything in place.

6. Moisture Absorbing Socks

Nike Moisture Wicking Crew Socks (6 Pack), $27, Amazon

Slippery feet means it's easier for your feet to rub and create blisters. Yowza. Fortunately, moisture absorbing socks can keep things nice and dry.

7. Baby Powder

Baby Powder, $3, Target

Want to make your moisture absorbing socks work even better? Sprinkle baby powder in each sock before putting it on to pump up the moisture zapping.

8. Cornstarch

Cornstarch, $2, Target

If you don't have baby powder on hand to sprinkle into your socks, cornstarch is an equally effective alternative.

9. Properly Fitting Sneakers

All the hacks previously mentioned will be super effective at preventing blisters, but only if your shoes fit correctly in the first place. Make sure you've gotten a pair that's meant for your size and shape feet!

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Images: Daria Nepriakhina, Nick Miller, Ilham Rahmansyah/Unsplash; Courtesy of Brands