Wag A Finger Tail With Cute Touchscreen Cat Gloves

While some would argue that having three or more cats is "cat lady territory," I'd like to argue that you're a cat lady as soon as you start speaking to them like regular people, considering them company fairly regularly, and owning a solid amount of cat-related paraphernalia... such as these touch screen cat gloves that make it look like their tails are wagging when you scroll.

Designed by the geniuses over at Felissimo and YOU+MORE, the gloves are made from a suede-like material and are fluffy inside. There are conductive pads on the thumbs and index fingers so you can text even when it's freezing. There are three different styles of kitties, and a pair will run you about $36 (4,295 yen). While it may not seem like an absolute necessity, for those who are easily bored and obsessed with a feline, they may just be the perfect thing for you.

And if the gloves aren't enough to tide over all of your cat-product wants and desires, we made a mini-list of all the things every self-proclaimed cat lover would never exist without. Between the gloves to an egg fryer to the classic cat sweatshirt, if your life does not loudly proclaim "I am very invested in this small animal as well as letting every single person know that I am invested in this small animal," then do you even have a cat at all? Check out the products below:

Cat Tail-Wagging Finger Gloves, $36

Imagine your cat's tail swiping left on Tinder for you, rather than just swiping your glass of water off the table each morning. It's almost too perfect, no?

Kitten Egg Mold, $10

Basically, you fry your eggs as normal, except with this, you place the yolks in the two eyes, and then all of the whites everywhere else. The result? Eggs that look like your pet. There are probably many other cool things you could do with this thing... eggs are probably just the beginning.

Catface Unisex Sweatshirt, $9.99

You know those sweatshirts they had in the 90s, with the hand-drawn pictures of cats? Basic. You know those sweatshirts they sell kids now, the ones with the little CGI looking cats? Also basic. If you are a true cat lover, not just any cat sweatshirt is going to cut it. You need this, a cat face sweatshirt, wherein the entirety of the article of clothing is, in fact, just a cat's face.

Tabby Cat Leggings, $39.95

If you were looking for something to wear with that sweatshirt, these tabby cat leggings will probably be a perfect match. They're not like those other basic leggings where the cats are just sprawled everywhere. These are classier than that. They are just on the knees, as they should be. ($40 for leggings is steep, but if the love is real, you'll shell out the cash, you know what I mean?)

Images: YOU+MORE (2); Sur La Table (1); Amazon (1); Rothco (1)