7 Quick Hairstyles To Do If You're Late

If there's anything that I was extremely good at in school, it was getting ready in the least amount of time possible. Don't get me wrong, I was a pretty good student, but doing a quick hairstyle when running late for class was my forte. From the side pony to the french braid, I knew I could always count on my beauty knowledge to get me out the door in style and in as little time as possible.

Since my little sister is now in high school, she'll usually ask me for a quick tip or two about the quickest hairstyles to do in the morning. And since she taught me a thing or two about her fashion sense, I thought I'd give her some pointers to make her high school life much easier. First pointer was to have a go-to quick hairstyle in mind and just rock it. After showing her that it was possible to put on a fabulous hairstyle with a little amount of time, let's just say she has one less stress to worry about.

To all of you who might be experiencing the same problems and hitting the snooze button more than once in a morning, don't worry — these hairstyles will take a minimal amount of time and still make you look ready for your day, whether it's lecture or a meeting. What's more you can even apply these hairstyles to wet hair as well. Because we all know that rushing out the door straight from the shower.

Half Top-Knot

Doing a half top-knot gives you all the It girl glory you could ever want, without putting in too much effort. Simply grab the top section of hair and pull up in a bun. You can either go really high or mid-area for your knot, it's totally up to you. This hairstyle will literally take a minute to put up. It's effortless and super chic.

Messy Bun

This quick hairstyle is my absolute favorite, because sometimes you don't even need to brush your hair for this. All you really need to do is add a little bit of dry shampoo, bring all your hair to the top and wrap around with a hair band. You can also bring strands of hair down to make it look a little more stylish. Just remember, messy buns are totally your best friends.

Side Braid

Side braids are also super simple and really easy to do. All you need is a section of hair and you can leave the braid falling in the rest of your hair, or you can braid it to a connecting bun or ponytail. Having a side braid is a cute way to look like you did your hair in the morning without having to spend so much time on it.

Loose Braid

This hairstyle is seriously the ultimate lazy girl hack for hairstyles. Whenever I used to be extremely late, I'd throw on a cozy, comfy, oversized sweater and matched it with a loose braid. It gave off a very relaxed and chilled out look to my style.

High Ballerina Bun

As a cheerleader in high school, I found that having a high bun throughout the day was both stylish and efficient. It also took an effortless amount of time to do. This hairstyle works well especially when you have wet hair.

Low Relaxed Bun

Similar to a messy bun, you can keep it really simple with a low and relaxed bun. Just add a little bit of texturizer at your roots for a little bit of volume and wrap your hair with a hair band at the bottom. This style is really cool for bohemian type outfits, which was pretty much all I wore in high school.

High Ponytail

To this day, even if I'm no longer in school, I still use the high ponytail hairstyle on the daily especially when my hair starts to get greasy. It's the easiest way to look well put-together and keeps your hair out of your face all day. Did I mention that it takes about 3 minutes? Yeah, that's the best part.

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Images: Zoella/Youtube