14 Absurd Super Bowl Rentals that Will Cost You Several Months' Rent

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Football fans are flocking to New York and New Jersey this weekend, with many looking into renting an apartment for the Super Bowl if they haven't already booked their hotels. Even run-of-the-mill rooms are going for a pretty penny, giving folks from the rest of the country firsthand experience in what finding a place to live in New York City is like. Oh, you want a kitchen that fits three people while sitting down — what are you, some kind of millionaire?!? Oh, you are some kind of millionaire? Well, there are rentals for that too.

For absurd amounts of money, Super Bowl visitors can rent out absurdly large and luxurious homes next weekend. For instance, here's an 8,200 square foot manor in Montclair, NJ renting for about $17,000 per night. They can also rent out some distinctly modest digs for comparatively huge sums. Let's take a look at the gamut of New Jersey and New York Super Bowl rentals.

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