14 Absurd Super Bowl Rentals that Will Cost You Several Months' Rent

Football fans are flocking to New York and New Jersey this weekend, with many looking into renting an apartment for the Super Bowl if they haven't already booked their hotels. Even run-of-the-mill rooms are going for a pretty penny, giving folks from the rest of the country firsthand experience in what finding a place to live in New York City is like. Oh, you want a kitchen that fits three people while sitting down — what are you, some kind of millionaire?!? Oh, you are some kind of millionaire? Well, there are rentals for that too.

For absurd amounts of money, Super Bowl visitors can rent out absurdly large and luxurious homes next weekend. For instance, here's an 8,200 square foot manor in Montclair, NJ renting for about $17,000 per night. They can also rent out some distinctly modest digs for comparatively huge sums. Let's take a look at the gamut of New Jersey and New York Super Bowl rentals.

This three-bedroom Cape Cod in walking distance from MetLife stadium is renting for $4,000 per night.

This five-bedroom home in West Orange, New Jersey (about 15 miles from MetLife Stadium) is renting for $10,000 per day on Event Home Rentals.

This five-bedroom, five-bathroom house in Cliffside Park, New Jersey has an elevator, three “terraces” and a hot tub. It’s renting for $12,500 per night on Super Bowl weekend.

An “event space” in Newark, New Jersey, renting for $7,625 per night via AirBnB.

A well-appointed but tiny condo in Midtown Manhattan is renting for $3,000 per night with a three-night minimum stay, which I’m guessing will just about cover the tenant’s monthly rent.

Located in Midtown Manhattan on E. 38th Street, this two-bedroom, 48th-floor condo is renting for $12,000 per night on super-bowl-rentalz.com.

This two-bedroom rental in the West Village is a Super Bowl steal at $600 per night.

This “cottage” in East Rutherford, New Jersey — three miles from the MetLife stadium — is renting for $2,000 per day.

A three-bedroom apartment in the Financial District, renting for $1,000 per day. Could be worse, but maybe include some pics that are a little less sad? Ah, such is NYC real estate.

Sure, this place has six bedrooms and is less than a mile from the stadium, but $5,900 a night? I’d prefer to pay several months of rent with that money.

Comparatively, this apartment seems like a bargain at $2,800 a night…until you consider that it has one bedroom rather than six and is five additional miles from the stadium.

Aw, this house is pretty adorable in a way that makes you want to sit on those rocking chairs sipping lemonade with your future partner and children, when your mortgage on the place would likely equal the $2,500 per night price tag.

Rent out Britney Spears’ former NJ-residence for $8,000 a day, which doesn’t seem all that bad for a 19 room “European Villa” in “the most expensive zip code in America” (which happens to be 20 miles from MetLife Stadium).

I wonder if the Porsche in the driveway comes with the $10,000 per night fee? This aptly named “Super Bowl Palace” offers five bedrooms…and a 26-mile-long drive to the stadium.