Is Netflix Airing New 'Parks & Recreation' Episodes? An Instagram Post Has Fans Freaking Out — PHOTO

If you are an avid follower of the official Netflix US Instagram account, and an avid follower of the almighty program known as Parks and Recreation, then you might have had the good kind of heart attack on Thursday. An Instagram photo with the caption, "So official. Like, government official. #ParksAndRec," was posted, and a quick trip through the comments on the photo revealed that the Parks and Recreation fandom was back with a vengeance and hopeful that this photograph was an indication that perhaps Netflix would be producing new episodes of Parks and Recreation after the series finale aired on NBC in February 2015. I'm truly sorry to disappoint those fans, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

The photo in question appears to have been in reference to the fact that Season 7 of Parks and Recreation is now on Netflix, as opposed to a sneaky announcement that a new season was on the way. The season was supposed to come in January 2015, but better late than never, right? Now, fans can witness the final hurrah of Pawnee all over again, and see Amy Poehler in one of her greatest roles in TV history. If you have any tears leftover from when the show ended on network television in 2015, then get ready to shed the last of them now as you re-watch the Season 7 finale.

When you think about it, as wonderful as it might be for the adventures in Pawnee to go on indefinitely via a Netflix extension like the one given to Arrested Development or Full House (via Fuller House), I'm not sure that would really be the best idea. The series finale was just that, a series finale, one that tied up all the loose ends, resolved all the important storylines, and gave us the best kind of closure. While there are, no doubt, so many more stories that could be told in Pawnee, that doesn't necessarily mean we need to continue the series ad nauseam.

Perhaps there could be some sort of spin-off series in which the original cast could guest star between their busy schedules — especially Chris Pratt and Amy Poehler, who have perhaps the busiest careers outside of Parks and Rec — but following the main cast even further down their journeys just seems like it would be beating a dead horse. Lovely though that horse may be.

For now, it's much better that we are now able to watch Parks and Recreation Season 7, and relive all the magic of the show that made us all so happy for such a long time. Of course, I can't stop anyone from keeping their fingers crossed for a Netflix revival. But, like I said, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Image: NBC