Is Selena Gomez's Red Hair Real?

She may change the length and texture of her shiny, thick hair often, but this Pantene ambassador usually sticks with glossy, black locks. Until now. Selena Gomez has red hair on the March 2016 cover of W but it appears to be both a temporary and a unique way to try the shade. Say hello to your new red hair inspo! While Gomez does play with her look, like changing her eye shade with colored contacts, she doesn't go too, too crazy when it comes to her hair. She's not Rihanna nor is she Katy Perry, rocking new coif colors with incredible frequency. So to see Gomez slaying with such messy, beachy, and almost greasy-looking waves with a red cast, which could very well be a wig, was quite a change and a surprise.

Of course the singer and actor looked stunning with her red bikini top and chainmail coverup. But overall, the entire presentation was quite edgy, especially for Gomez, who always looks so classic and pulled together.

She is undoubtedly one of the best-dressed stars of her generation. While she often opts for sexy, body-hugging ensembles and isn't afraid to show skin, she doesn't go for outrageous with her style. This is about as out there as Gomez gets and it's gorgeous. It's exciting to see her sidestep her sleek, polished hair in favor of something so get up 'n' go, even if briefly.

Gomez's hair is not full on ginger. It is more of a maroon red and her locks have a bit of an ombre cast. They almost look dip-dyed, especially the wispy faux bangs that frame her face. A lot of effort probably went into creating this faux red look.

If you want to try reddish hair, but have dark locks like Gomez and don't do wigs or can't head to the salon for an expensive and potentially damaging double process that strips hair, you can still get this look. Relax. You've got this. It's easy to recreate this look in a cheap and cute way.

First, don't wash your strands. This look is best with dirty, "next day" hair. You want it to look roughed up and as though just rolled out of bed.

Splat's Hair Chalk adds pops of color to dark hair easily. I know, I used this stuff around Halloween and the purple version gave me a temporary lavender granny gray look.

It's easy to apply, too. You just run the compact down the hair shaft or wherever you want to add color. It also wears and washes out well. The Sugar Plum shade can help you copy Gomez's reddish tint. ($5.99,

Splat Washables in Totally Red will give you instant and temporary red locks, too. No commitment, no problem. ($4.69,

It really is easy to copy Gomez's temporary red hair on your own. Just be careful when applying these products, since things can get messy and can stain your clothes or your countertop.

Images: W Magazine/Instagram (1); Courtesy Splat (2); Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (1)