Kids Explain The Importance Of Black History Month

In January, actress-turned-Fox-News-pundit Stacey Dash argued on Fox & Friends that channels like BET and award shows like the BET and Image Awards are forms of “segregation” and that they shouldn’t exist; she added, “There shouldn’t be a Black History Month.” In a new video from Because Of Them We Can, little kids school Stacey Dash about the importance of Black History Month. Their message is inspiring and important, and the kids themselves are dangerously cute.

Because Of Them We Can is a campaign dedicated to educating young people about “Heroes Who Have Paved the Way.” Eunique Gibson, the founder of the campaign, told BuzzFeed, “We have so much work to do, but isn’t it great to see the children remind us of the importance of understanding both our history and our potential?” She continued, “We know the conversation and work doesn’t begin or end at Black History Month, but these kids show us that we have to seize the opportunity to uplift and share our history.”

The video begins with kids reacting to Dash’s suggestion to get rid of Black History Month, which has been celebrated in the U.S. every February since 1976 (though the idea of setting aside time to recognize the contributions of black Americans to U.S. history goes back a lot further than that). Judging from the priceless expressions of disbelief and outrage on their faces, these kids are not having it:

The kids go on to proclaim, “Black History Month is our time to acknowledge our strength, our accomplishments, and our contributions.” Watch the whole video:

Images: YouTube (4)