9 Glitter Nail Art Tutorials For Workday Magic

Charts. Spreadsheets. Cranky customers. Computer screens. Unless you're watching YouTube videos of Charlie the Unicorn, you're probably not getting much color in your day. These glitter nail art tutorials are here to add some magic to your work day. So no matter how boring or long or stressful your day becomes, you can always look down at your sparkly fingernails and remember that nothing can dull your inner shine. Not irritating coworkers. Not meetings that should have been emails. Not corporate videos where white people teach you about diversity.

You're dripping in fabulous. And everyone who sees you, well their lives become a little brighter because they got to witness the blinding glimmer of your manicure in an otherwise drab and businessy world. It's kind of like you're doing community service, honestly. So if you look at it that way, it's your responsibility, your calling, to bring glitter to the people.

Most of these manis are easy enough for beginners, but if you're feeling lazy, you could always show them to your favorite nail artist and let them pamper you like the royalty you are. Just remember, some people aren't ready for all your fabulousness, to which you will just exclaim "haters to the left" as you sashay away, like a true Glamazon.

1. The Religious Experience

You don't have to believe in God, or anything, for that matter, for these nails to take you to church. Your co-workers will be lining up at your desk, which they will have renamed "the altar of nail art fabulousness" to learn how you wove this magic on your hands. No lie. You might even get a raise.

2. The Classic Glitter Gradient

If you're more classy and less unicorn (or if you're a full-on unicorn and you just work in a place with a more conservative dress code) these nails will fill your sparkle quota without making you (or your boss) gag on the rainbow.

3. The Mermaid

If you ever sit at your desk and fantasize about gadgets and gizmos apenty (and whozits and whatsits galore) then these mermaid glitter gradient nails will help you survive being where the people are. They take patience, but the payoff is the equivalent of getting legs from the sea witch.

4. The Golden Glitter Goddess

This design features a full-coverage glitter accent nail to satisfy your inner glitter goddess, but also trendy glitter accents on the rest of your shiny black nails, which speaks to that pinch of wild child bad girl that hides out in your body. Get ready for compliments for days.

5. The Super Mega Bling Realness

When I wear my nails like this, I feel like the most fierce drag queen in the world, and I mean that in the best way possible. I'm talking RuPaul's Drag Race, super bling, contoured for the gods, hips for miles, fierceness. There's nothing better.

6. The Glitter Stripe Party

Different color glitters on one nail? Sign me up. This manicure is way easier to apply than it looks. People will think you went to one of those trendy nail art boutiques for like 10 minutes of work and $1 worth of striping tape.

7. The Glitter Kittens

I mean, there's glitter, there's rainbow colors, there's cat. What more could you ask for? If you don't have the liquid latex or some similar cat nail decal, you can paint on your kittens with watered down white school glue.

8. The Glitter Galaxy Nails

Ooooh. Stare into these babies and search for intelligent life if there's none to be found at your work place. Would it be cliche to say these nails are out of this world? I'm over the moon for them? They're stars in my book? Just checking.

9. The Glitter Rainbow French Of Dreams

I'm pretty sure this rainbow french leads to some sort of pot of gold. They're part pride, part unicorn glitter party, part flower bouquet, and part Lucky Charms. Also, this might just be the afternoon hungries talking, but they look juicy enough to eat.

10. Bonus!

Now that you're up to your totally-on-fleek eyebrows in glitter, you're probably all like "oh no. now I have to take this glitter off." Here are some tips from self-described holosexual Simply Nailogical. That's holo glitter she's talking about. FYI.

The only thing cooler than wearing these nails to work would be to get paid to do them while you were at work. I won't tell your boss if you won't.

Images: Pixabay