15 Reasons Limited Too Was A 2000s Girl's Dream

by Lindsey Rose Black

As a tween, there was seriously nothing better than walking into the mall and making a beeline for Limited Too. As a way to honor this glorious store of my youth, I’ve pulled together all the reasons Limited Too was every 00s girl’s happy place. From the sparkly but “edgy” shirts to the scented fuzzy pink slippers, that store was straight up bliss.

In case you missed the news, Limited Too is slated to reopen in the fall of this year. If our inner tween hearts are lucky, there might be up to two hundred stores open by this time next year! Squee.

I personally remember hitting up Limited Too for all major fashion milestones. I acquired my first pair of sparkly bell bottoms as a nine-year-old, my first (tiny, oh so tiny) bra at 11, and my "hardcore" tank top with cut-out sleeves at 12. If that doesn't say bad ass to you, I don't know what does.

Whether you loved Limited Too or just loved to hate it while your sibling swooned over everything, I'm willing to bet that, deep down, it was totally your ultimate tween happy place.

Don't believe me? Read on for legit proof!

1. Newsboy Hats

Did anyone under the age of fourteen not own a glorious newsboy hat in 2002?

2. Cropped Hoodies

What even were those cut-off hoodies? Who cares because they were amazing. Also, selfies with digi cams — YAS.

3. All Of The Shoes

Oh man, my tween bestie Taylor and I used to spend hours trying on the plethora of shoes in those stores! So many prints! So many slip-ons!

4. The Tankinis

Uhm, I would still totally wear that hot pink one right now.

5. The Unlimited Options

How magical was it to find a shirt that looked cute and then be able to buy it in like, seventeen different colors?

6. The Best Friend Coordinating

Limited Too made it so easy to match with your friends without obviously wearing the same thing, like your favorite girl band.

7. The Accessories

Can we just stop and appreciate that sparkle headband for a moment?

8. Aly & AJ

Who remembers this epic sister duo and the fact you could wear their faces to school? #TheBest

9. The Lizzie McGuire Sweepstakes

Did anyone not enter the sweepstakes to meet Hilary Duff?!

10. The Flare Jeans

Yes. Just yes.

11. Those Sports Shirts

Who cares if you actually played the sport on your shirt? Those tees were cuuuuuute.

12. Lip Smackers At The Counter

Was it even possible not to leave with a handful of new lip balms at the checkout counter?

13. The Bandana Headbands

Oh heavens, I think I owned what, eighteen of these? The ultimate party accessory.

14. All The Bestie Feels

Every single catalogue model looked so dang happy I just wanted to be best friends with all of them.

15. The Good Vibes

Limited Too clothes just made me freaking happy. Like, could anyone be upsetting wearing a rainbow peace sign shirt? I didn't think so.

Images: Limited Too; Lipsmackers

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