J. Lo Went Makeup-Free On Instagram

by May Sofi

We're used to seeing celebrities all dolled-up in swanky threads and faces full of makeup, so when they ditch the product from time to time, It's always pretty surprising. Jennifer Lopez went makeup-free on Instagram recently, and the bold move proves that she is actually a real human being just like you and me.

The 46-year-old made an appearance on boyfriend Casper Smart's Instagram in a hilarious Dubsmash video. The two seemed to be having a casual night at home, you know, just hanging out and being silly together. Turns out Lopez rocks the same attire as the rest of us when she is just laying low at home — a cozy sweatshirt, messy top bun, and zero makeup. I mean, it has got to be exhausting being all glamorous all the time, don't you think? Even for someone as naturally glam as J. Lo.

The superstar of course still looks great without a stitch of makeup on, but I love that she's being real with her fans by showing up on social media without an unrealistic "perfect" complexion. That's exactly why I love her. Sure, she has got some dark under-eye circles, and some redness in scattered areas, but she's not afraid to show it, because it's natural and normal. She is totally relatable.

Check out the makeup-free look.

You go, girl.

Let's take a look at some other times J. Lo rocked a more natural look, compared to her usual full-on glam style.

1. When She's Hanging Out With Family

Even with a towel on her head, she still looks gorgeous.

2. During Rehearsals For Her Vegas Show

Otherwise she would sweat off all her makeup.

3. When She's Relaxing After A Long Day

Her skin is flawless.

4. When She Goes On The Radio

Unlike TV, they can't see your face on radio, so no need for the excessive makeup.

5. When She Goes To Bed

I know this should go without saying, but you'd be surprised how often people sleep with their makeup on.

6. When She Takes Makeup-Free Selfies


7. When She's Chilling Out By The Pool