Deft Surgeon Transplants Oreo Cream Into Reese's

With television depicting surgeries as graphically as they can these days, it's no wonder that people have moved on to performing those surgeries on junk food. With significantly less high stakes and blood, a surgeon transplants Oreo cream into a Reese's cup with exact precision worthy of a medical journal. This surgery is nothing but a delight, making every person on the planet wish it was an actual job. I bet my parents wouldn't even mind if I became a doctor of food surgery — as long as my title says Dr. Dasha Fayvinova, right?

The movements that this food surgeon makes are hypnotic. The camera angles are meant to mimic close up surgical procedures. Everything is in hyper focus. All of the cutting, scrapping and shifting is done at a slow and methodical pace. As you watch this mysterious figure clad in blue surgical gloves, you wonder if they were ever a surgeon in real life. Did they go to medical school in order to perfect the peanut-butter-ectomy, or was it a skill they learned practicing on oranges? We might not discover the real truth behind this incredibly niche channel, but we will always know who to turn to for some food surgery — stat!

While I cannot stop you from trying to do these food surgeries at home, I can tell you to be very careful about the tools you are using. The video clearly shows a surgical knife that is very sharp, so be smart and carefully slice and dice your food patients the right way. Avoid cutting your own fingers in the process and having to get real-life surgery because of it. Below are just some of the highlights from this incredibly relaxing video.

1. The Set Up

This food surgeon went all out! There is a magnifying glass that is probably used for microscopic surgery in real-life. Here it used to see the tiny indentations on Oreo cookies that we all have come to love. In case you are feeling hungry after the surgery, there are many recipes that include the Oreo. You can make any of them at home since you will have many left overs.

2. Hypnotic and Enchanting

While this is all fun and games, I can't help but feel hypnotized my the slow movements and delicate placements of the surgical equipment. I also can't help but sometimes feel weirdly grossed out. This video is so good at parodying actual surgical demonstrations that sometimes I forget that the surgery is done on food and not humans.

3. Tweezers, Please!

I have never been able to separate an Oreo cookie in such a uniform way. The cream is always coming apart in uneven ways and I am stuck licking the remains of my failure. Clearly, the person in this video is a pro.

4. Let The Healing Begin

With a delicate placement of the chocolate top we are done. Time to heal and enjoy the delicious creation that has been brought into this world.

Watch the full video below and try and not get hungry.

Images: Youtube