15 Seven-Layer Dips For Super Bowl Sunday

Seven-layer dips are my weakness. For the Super Bowl this year, I’m considering only serving these seven-layer dip recipes to go hog wild for. All those layers of creamy goodness mean endless possibilities for my taste buds.

If you doubt the awesomeness that is the foundation of a seven-layer dip, hold up for a second. These seven-layer dips aren't the pre-made boring old dips your great aunt swings by with at family reunions. No, the seven-layer dips in this roundup are carefully crafted masterpieces that you should be honored to taste, let alone serve with your Super Bowl spread this Sunday. There is a unique art to dips like these. All those layers have to go together with every scoop of a chip during those four quarters.

Whether you’re rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos for the big win, your celebration or suffering will be incomplete without a seven-layer dip. If your team wins, you’ve got the prize you’ve always dreamed of loaded up on that chip. If your team loses, the stunning layers of creamy goodness can console you in your time of need. Either way, chowing down on these delicious dips will bring you endless football food glory.

1. Seven-Layer Dip

Sometimes the genius of a seven-layer dip simply needs to be perfected, like this one from Brown Eyed Baker. Don’t mess with the original idea, just perfect it to make in a classic recipe that everyone will love to devour as they cheer on their favorite team.

2. Pico de Gallo + Guacamole + Vegan Seven-Layer Dip

Anytime anyone says guacamole is in a dish, I’m eating it. I’ll even go vegan for this dip from Oh She Glows, I’m not going to lie. Vegans and non-vegans alike can share in the joy of a touchdown with an extra big scoop.

3. Chipotle Tuna Seven-Layer Dip

Yes, there’s fish in that seven-layer dip from Closet Cooking, and I personally love the idea. Why not shake things up and get a little “chicken of the sea” action in there? Just don’t ask if it’s chicken. No one needs to pull a Jessica Simpson moment during the most important game of the year.

4. Mediterranean Seven-Layer Dip

They say the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest one out there, so you can totally pass this version from Tori Avey off as the healthy version of a seven-layer dip right?

5. The Ultimate Seven-Layer Dip

What makes this the ultimate seven-layer dip? All these layers have to be carefully crafted in this Mel’s Kitchen recipe. Don’t be intimidated, it’s really quite simple, and people will be begging you for the recipe by the first kickoff.

6. Seven-Layer Crazy Greek Dip

With all the creamy feta in this crazy Greek dip from How Sweet It Is, my stomach is already starting to rumble. Can’t. Even. Handle.

7. Seven-Layer Chili Dog Dip

There’s nothing more all-American than a chili dog and some good old-fashioned football. Instead of dealing with a messy chili dog and risking it ending up all over your couch in a heated moment, stuff all that chili dog flavor in this killer dip from Taste and Tell.

8. Southern Seven-Layer Dip

If you’re a Panthers fan, you’ll especially love this Southern-style dip from Endless Simmer. Get in touch with those Southern roots as you cheer on those boys in blue.

9. Seven-Layer Hummus Dip

For most people, seven-layer dip isn’t exactly something we’d call “healthy.” However, this hummus-loaded dip from Domestic Fits brings a bit of healthy back into the Super Bowl menu.

10. Mexican Layer Dip

Head south of the border with this Mexican-style dip from Food Fanatic. If you’re planning on having a taco bar or burrito bar at your Super Bowl fiesta, this is a must-have on the table.

11. Seven-Layer Dip

This gigantic seven-layer dip from Dessert Now, Dinner Later is perfect for serving a large crowd. Such a simple recipe will make your game day plans easy and extra creamy.

12. Seven-Layer Dip Phyllo Cups

Get creative (and adorable) with that seven-layer dip, and stuff it into some phyllo cups in this recipe from Cooking for Keeps. These little guys will disappear right before your eyes, one popable bite at a time.

13. Individual Seven-Layer Dip

Want to avoid the mess of a large plate full of seven-layer dip? Portion them out in these oh-so convenient individual jars like Savory Sweet Life does. Everyone can enjoy their own cup, so you can keep that fighting for the last bite out on the field.

14. Seven-Layer Dip Tostada Stack

This messy tostada stack filled with seven-layer dip from A Spicy Perspective is making me weak at the knees. Crunchy tostadas paired with the smooth dip are the ideal combination to indulge in as you watch your team snag the victory.

15. The Seven-Layer Candy Bar Dip

It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl feast without something a little sweet to finish the game out with, would it? Go seven-layers deep with the sweets in this The Kitchn recipe, and savor the Super Bowl win with a mouthful of chocolate.

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Brown Eyed Baker; Oh She Glows; Closet Cooking; Tori Avey; Mel’s Kitchen; How Sweet It Is; Taste and Tell; Endless Simmer; Domestic Fits; Food Fanatic; Dessert Now, Dinner Later; Cooking for Keeps; Savory Sweet Life; A Spicy Perspective; The Kitchn