Dem Debate Jokes That'll Light Up Your World

Thursday's MSNBC Democratic debate was the first to feature a showdown exclusively between candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. And though viewers might have missed former candidate Martin O'Malley's pleas for 30 seconds and talks of going through the back door, it goes without saying that in his absence, the evening's debate between these neck-and-neck opponents took on a more serious tone. Even still, the Internet is the Internet, so there are plenty of Democratic debate jokes to go around.

Monday night's Democratic Iowa caucus left both Clinton and Sanders with a better understanding of the competition in each other's campaign. Placing in a near tie in Iowa, it's now even more important for the candidates to clearly distinguish how they and their policies differ to the American voters. The fact that the debate took place in New Hampshire is an important factor to consider too — with the state's primary coming up on Tuesday, it will be the candidates' second chance to demonstrate their electability to voters nationwide. Sanders has a clear lead in New Hampshire, and this debate might help or hurt him in keeping it that way. Likewise, Clinton can jump on the fact that she technically won the Iowa caucus (albeit by a margin less than 1 percent), and use that momentum to further secure a win in New Hampshire.

But with all of that serious stuff out of the way, here's a look at the real winner of tonight's debate: the great jokes that may be remembered just as well as the showdown's weighty content.

In a debate that's been filled with some intense back-and-worth between Sanders and Clinton, it's great to have some jokes to not take things so seriously! If nothing else, they take a little of the heat off of the newly amped up candidates.