Amber Riley Will Star In West End's 'Dreamgirls'

Amber Riley may have found her calling in theater. The former Glee star recently wrapped her role as Good Witch of the North in NBC's live production of The Wiz, and now she has landed another dream role. Riley will be playing Effie White in the West End revival of Dreamgirls . Before there was the 2006 film starring Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson, as you may recall, there was the original 1981 musical. This play, further information about which can be found on the official West End Dreamgirls website going forward, has been a classic staple in American culture for years, and Riley's incredible vocals are sure to do the character a lot of justice.

While Riley is no stranger to the stage, she is also no stranger to the song "And I Am Telling You" that she will perform during the show, since she did a cover of it on Season 1 of Glee. I'm sure this time when she sings it, with the added emotion of the play, there won't be a dry eye in the house. Riley's vocals have the power to give true meaning to any song, whether a pop hit or an old classic, and I'm sure she's ready to knock this role out of the park. To prove it, watch these seven incredible times she blew us away with her talent.

1. "Lady Marmalade"

There is nothing better than the time when she sang "Lady Marmalade" with Lil' Kim and the queen of soul herself, Patti LaBelle — and on Dancing With the Stars, no less. She proved that she can hang with the best of them.

2. "And I Am Telling You"

You don't have to tell me twice, Riley, because I already love you. After watching this, I have an intense desire to buy a ticket to London to see Amber sing this song live.

3. "Take Me Or Leave Me"

Lea Michele and Riley were certifiably two of the greatest singers on Glee, and this was probably my favorite duet they did together. The two nailed this rendition of the song "Take Me or Leave Me" from the musical Rent.

4. "Ain't No Way"

Not many people could do an Aretha Franklin cover justice, but Riley slays.

5. "River Deep, Mountain High"/"Proud Mary" Mashup

There is no way you won't be dancing after hearing Riley singing in this song. She's got the vocals, and the American patriotism, to make this a celebration to remember.

6. The National Anthem

I have never had the desire to play the national anthem on repeat, but that was until I heard Amber Riley sing it. Girl could sing me the ingredients on the back of a Wheaties box, and I would listen for days.

7. "He's the Wiz"

Lastly, I have to give her credit for her incredible performance in The Wiz Live!, because she sang her heart out on that show. The vocals and acting were on point, and she really paid homage to the original cast.

It's going to be exciting to see Riley take on the iconic role, and to see how she makes it her own. I, for one, will be watching her social media feeds like a hawk to see if and when she gives us any teasers, because you know they are going to be good.