Where In The World Is Ezra Fitz On 'PLL'?

It's hard to say what's more worrisome: watching a beloved character act suspicious firsthand or having no account of their whereabouts at all, thereby allowing your imagination to run wild. Either way, it appears as though Ezra Fitz falls into the latter category these days. The Liars' former teacher was completely MIA all during last week's episode and while Sabrina implied that he's done this sort of thing all the time, I'm growing more and more concerned about where Ezra is on Pretty Little Liars . And, perhaps more importantly, what he's doing while he's away.

If Ezra had gone off and disappeared for an episode or two last year, I probably wouldn't have thought much of it. But Ezra isn't the same person he was back then, so when you take into account his on-going drinking problem and violent temperament (remember how he kicked the girls out of his apartment in a fit of rage?), his absence could prove to be pretty significant and definitely worth our attention. Even Aria thought it was odd that he was gone and she used to know him better than anyone. So as a way to help narrow down our search, I've rounded up a list of possible explanations for his little disappearing act. Let's just hope I'm wrong about a few of them...

He's With Byron

We know that these two have been in contact with each other, given the message Aria heard Byron leave on Ezra's answering machine saying, "I have to talk to you about… what you think you saw last night." However, I doubt it's as sinister as it sounds. In fact, I think Ezra happened to see Byron and Ashley Marin together in a romantic setting and Byron is worried he'll tell Aria before getting a chance to explain. But either way, Byron was definitely talking to someone inside of that car. Maybe him and Ezra had a nice little chat and went to grab some lunch together afterwards. Keeping secrets makes you hungry, after all.

He's Writing

Forget the book Aria's trying to assist him with. Perhaps Ezra has become creatively inspired by Charlotte's death and is writing a murder mystery about it. Because, you know, that totally doesn't make you look guilty or anything.

He's Trying To Find Nicole

It's unclear whether Nicole was kidnapped or killed during their Habitat for Humanity trip, but if there's even the slightest chance that she's still alive, then I'm betting Ezra — even in his alcoholic state — is trying to find out as much information as he can regarding where she could be or if she's alive. So a new lead may have come out of the woodwork and he's busy following up on it.

He's Busy Wearing An Old Man Mask

I doubt this is Ezra, but hey, you never know!

He's Golfing With Byron's Nine-Iron

That's how you play golf, right? With one club?

He Really Is Just Drinking & Brooding

Granted, it's a lot less interesting than some of these other alternatives, but he really could just be off trying to drink his sorrows away. Let's just hope that he's able to snap out of this behavior soon, if that's the case. Because I have a feeling the Liars are going to need him now more than ever.

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