This Is Emily Maynard's Relationship Status Now

If you're anything like me, you're probably wondering about Emily Maynard's relationship status since leaving The Bachelorette . I'm not one of those people who can wrap up a reality show where people end up together and not spend every waking moment from then on Googling, "Emily and Jef still together?" It's just not who I am. And, hopefully, we're all already aware that Emily's relationship with her final choice Jef Holm, unfortunately, didn't last. The two of them broke off their engagement in October 2012, after just six months, but are you up-to-date on what Emily has been up to since? Please answer honestly — I'm literally just about to tell you.

These days, it turns out that Emily is... drumroll please... married. I guess televised romance just wasn't her cup of tea, because things have gone much more smoothly for the blond beauty off-camera. Emily's husband's name is Tyler Johnson, and the two apparently met before Emily ever did any filming for Bachelor Nation, so they have some history together. They both lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they met at church, but nothing happened between them until after Emily had twice been engaged on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. (As you may recall, she also accepted the proposal of Brad Womack on his second season of The Bachelor, in 2011.)

The first hint we have of the relationship between Emily Maynard and Tyler Johnson came back in July 2013, when Emily confirmed during an interview that there was someone new in her life. This was still just nine months after her breakup with Jef Holm, however, so she didn't share the mystery man's name at that point — probably in case it didn't work out. Luckily, it did work out. Tyler proposed to Emily on Jan. 4, 2014, with a ring both for her and 10-year old Ricki, Emily's daughter with her fiancé Ricky Hendrick (who tragically died in a plane crash), and the wedding was just a few months later, on Jun. 27, 2014.

Since then, there's been even better news; Emily announced in January 2015 that she and Tyler were expecting their first child, and shared photos of their newborn son Jennings in July 2015. Suffice to say, things are going pretty great for Emily Maynard, which is excellent news, because the fan favorite leaving the show without finding love not just once but twice was really bumming me out.