Here's Where To Buy Milk Makeup

by Ashley Berg

As if you didn't already have enough makeup in your life, the fashion gurus over at Milk Studios just released an obsession-worthy makeup line, aptly named Milk Makeup. If you're wondering whether shelling out for some new makeup is worth it, let me tell you — it is. This new makeup line is definitely one of a kind. I promise you that anyone who is anyone will be sporting this stuff, and you're going to want to know where you can get your hands on it.

Lucky for you, this makeup line will be pretty easy to find. Although the official release date isn't until February 8th, there is a way to get these products in your shopping cart today. Since the line will be available at Sephora, V.I.B. Rouge members can shop the line right now! Otherwise you can scoop it up at the Milk Makeup website once the line officially launches.

You Can Shop Milk Makeup At

Milk Makeup is unlike any other makeup range I've seen before. On the website it states that this makeup is meant for experimentation and self-expression — i.e. no rules apply! Any girl (or guy for that matter) can take these easy to use products and create a look that screams individuality. Just check out the makeup tutorials on the Milk Makeup site. They cover all beauty categories, with looks for the face, eyes, lips, and even some hair and skin care. Not only are the products totally wearable, they have some pretty great ingredients too, filled with hydrating oils and fruit and vegetable butters. Count me in.

These products are meant "for the girl on the go who spends less time getting done, more time getting stuff done," according to the website. Not a bad motto to live by! If you're a fan of any of the rad makeup looks on the website, take a look at some of the star products from the line and try them out for yourself.

1. Cooling Water

Milk Makeup Cooling Water, $24, Sephora

Use this hydrating gel, complete with caffeine to energize skin and seawater for moisture, as a primer before applying makeup or to give your skin a hydration boost throughout the day.

2. Oil Lip Stain

Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain, $18, Sephora

This lip stain is filled with oil and Vitamin E to moisturize the lips, but it also packs a colorful punch. The roller ball makes for easy, mess-free application, which is good considering this stuff lasts all day.

3. Sunshine Oil

Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil, $38, Sephora

This oil boasts a bunch of moisturizing ingredients perfect for the face and body. It also comes in an easy to use roller ball for super fast application.

4. Weekend Lash Stain

Weekend Lash Stain,$22, Milk Makeup

This tube contains a waterproof two-day lash stain fit for a weekend getaway in the sun. Fine bristles distribute the stain that defines and lengthens lashes.

5. Lip Pigment

Milk Makeup Lip Pigment, $24, Sephora

This pure pigment mixed with oils gives the best matte finish and can easily be applied to both lips and cheeks.

6. Eye Marker

Milk Makeup Eye Marker,$20, Sephora

As Refinery 29 points out, this felt tip eyeliner look suspiciously similar to something you would normally carry in your pencil case. The waterproof formula claims to last 24 hours without fading, smudging, or feathering.

7. Milk Girl Kit

Milk Girl Kit, $125,Milk Makeup

If you want to jump into the Milk Makeup line full force, try out this kit stocked with the perfect mix of products to get you started.

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Images: Milk Makeup