The Best Answers From Ryan Reynolds' Twitter Q&A

by Caitlyn Callegari

I've had a long vested interest in Ryan Reynolds ever since I opened up my eyes and realized that, um, he's not only a beautiful specimen but hilarious, as well. Obviously, Blake Lively, who is equally as gorgeous and amazing, has taken his hand in marriage so he's off limits, but I can still enjoy Reynolds #AskRyan Q&A on Twitter like the next guy or gal. And enjoy it I did. I liked it so much, in fact, that I feel the need to share the highlights of the experience with you, because I am a giving person.

It's hard work picking out the best of anything involving the actor because he doesn't really ever do anything half-assed. That said, although all his answers are magnificent in their own way, the ones below most definitely stood out among the rest. Or, rather, these are the ones that made me laugh the hardest and become more enamored with him. I'm warning you, though. You might get lost in a Ryan Reynolds video love spell for hours on end... This has been a public service announcement.

Here are the best, most hilarious, and most insightful answers from Reynolds' #AskRyan Q&A:

1. When He Explained What He'd Do If He Was In An Elevator With Zayn Malik

Seems like the only way, tbh.

2. When He Revealed His Man Crush

...With fervor.

3. When He Admitted The Unicorn Emoji Was His Favorite, "Obviously"

Mine too!

4. When He Answered The Age Old Question: Vodka Or Spiderman?

Best of both worlds. I feel ya, Ry.

5. When He Got Real About His Name

Ryan Rodney Reynolds, triple R. Sounds like, well, a hero.

6. When He Dished On His Favorite Book

I love a guy who reads.

7. When He Solidified His Status As The Best Person Ever And Sang "I Swear" In Honor Of Just Friends Nostalgia

Brb, gotta go watch that... again.

8. When He Answered A Pressing Question About The Perfection Of His Butt

Who knew?

9. When He Reignited Hope For A Van Wilder Sequel

"Old Wilder," huh? I'd watch it.

10. ...And For Spiderman, Uh, Interactions?


11. When He Talked About Wanting To Do Deadpool Right

What a humble guy.

Ahem, Ryan, can we make this a daily thing? I sure as heck wouldn't be opposed.