How Much Does Milk Makeup Cost

With all the buzz surrounding Milk Studios' brand new makeup line, I bet you're wondering how much Milk Makeup is going to cost you. With a range as incredible as this one, you'd expect it to come at quite a hefty price. However, these makeup products, which boast good-for you ingredients and awesome colors, are actually pretty reasonable.

Don't fret too much! Although the makeup line isn't exactly comparable to drugstore prices, it definitely won't break the bank either. Most pieces hover around the $20 mark, give or take depending on the specific product. The least expensive item on the website is a 50 pack of charcoal swabs going for $7 a pop, while the most expensive makeup product is the sunshine oil, selling for $38 — still not a terrible price for some seriously nourishing oils. There are a few other products around the $30 price point, which are your more heavy-duty items like the coverage duo and matte eyeshadow quad.

If you're interested in checking out all of the products, head over to the Milk Makeup website to take a peek and watch the tutorial videos to find out how to use all the different makeup. Otherwise, tune in for a good mix of the most interesting products below and decide which ones you want to stock up on.

1. Charcoal Swabs

Charcoal Swabs, Milk Makeup, $7

This pack of 50 swabs is perfect for swiping any makeup or oil off the skin.

2. Lip Salve

Lip Salve, Milk Makeup, $14

This lip salve is super hydrating and nourishing while giving a subtle rose tint to the lips.

3. Lip Pigment

Lip Pigment, Milk Makeup, $24

A matte finish pigment mixed with oils perfect for lips and cheeks.

4. Lip + Cheek

Lip + Cheek, Milk Makeup, $24

A creamy, sheer tint in easy-to-use stick packaging. Perfect for makeup touches on the go!

5. Eye Pigment

Eye Pigment, Milk Makeup, $24

A super pigmented, cream eye shadow in tube form that can be smudged out or used as a long wear eyeliner.

6. Ubame Mascara

Ubame Mascara, Milk Makeup, $24

This mascara filled with ubame oak charcoal and sapphire dust provides major volume thanks to the triple ball brush.

7. Matte Quad

Matte Quad, Milk Makeup, $36

This creamy matte palette can be applied to eyes, lips, or face as a highlighter. Just be sure to blend in with your fingers!

8. Sunshine Oil

Sunshine Oil, Milk Makeup, $38

Apply this nourishing oil all over the face and body with the easy to use roller ball for added moisture.

Images: Milk Makeup