18 Chili Recipes To Try On Super Bowl Sunday

Where there is a football game on TV, there is a sudden and urgent want for food that is savory, salty, warm, and altogether comforting. So, it makes sense that during the biggest football game of the year, we find ourselves turning to some of the best Super Bowl chili recipes to get us though. Because even if your team doesn’t end up with the trophy, at least you’ll have a satisfied stomach.

If you are hosting a game-watching bash, then you can consider these dishes some great Super Bowl recipes for a crowd. When you’re serving up snacks, dips, and more, chili offers the option for guests to enjoy something a little heartier. But even if you’re just watching the game with some friends, there’s nothing like a Super Bowl Crock-Pot meal that decreases the stress of having to prepare food, so you can focus on mentally preparing yourself for Beyoncé’s appearance in the halftime show.

These 18 tasty chili recipes make it easy to sit back and relax with a bowl of something delicious. Just be sure to serve them up with some of your favorite chips and some festive drinks to make for a fail-proof Super Bowl Sunday.

1. Curry Chili

Don't be afraid to go a little untraditional. A Beautiful Mess' curry chili adds some spices for an aromatic dish.

2. 30-Minute White Chicken Chili

Cumin, lime, and cilantro add a refreshing zest to Averie Cooks' simple chili.

3. Chili Cheese Dogs

Just because it's not grilling season doesn't mean you can't enjoy a hot dog. A Cozy Kitchen's chili cheese dogs will bring a tasty summer vibe to your Super Bowl party.

4. Crock-Pot Carne Asada Beer Chili

If you love carne asada tacos, consider this recipe by Half Baked Harvest your warming, cozy chili version. Just put it in the slow cooker for a couple hours, and you'll be good to go.

5. Chili Baked Potato With Cheese

Potato skins may be a game day favorite, but these stuffed russets will convince you there's no better way to enjoy a potato. Thanks, Naturally Ella!

6. Turkey Chili

Turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving. A Spicy Perspective pairs the tender meat with bell peppers, onions, and plenty of spices.

7. Sweet And Spicy Dr. Pepper Chili

Beer is commonly used in chili, but soda can add a totally different twist. Dr. Pepper gives Inside BruCrew Life's beef chili a sweetness.

8. Mini Chicken Chili Cups

If you're planning on feasting on appetizers, consider I Am A Food Blog's chili cups. They're easy-to-eat and majorly crave-worthy.

9. Chili With Pasta And Cheddar

It's totally possible — and encouraged — to combine chili with your favorite carb. The Kitchn shows the way.

10. Five Bean Chili

Vegetarians can get in on the fun, too. A Beautiful Mess' five bean chili is all the heartiness of a traditional chili with no meat.

11. Chips And Cheese Chili Casserole

Who needs dip when you can have your chips and cheese all in one dish? Averie Cooks creates the ultimate game day casserole.

12. Fritos Chili Pie

When you're eating chili out of a bag of chips, at the very least you'll be left with fewer dishes to clean. A Cozy Kitchen's recipe is equal parts indulgent and fun.

13. Big Time Jalapeño Lime Black Bean Chili

This Texas-inspired chili by Half Baked Harvest is the real deal — it's filled with bacon and short ribs for every meat-lover.

14. Buffalo Chickpea And Bulgur Chili

No chicken is necessary to capture a classic buffalo flavor in Naturally Ella's chili. Plenty of hot sauce does the trick.

15. Beef Nachos With Slow Cooker Chili Con Carne

A Spicy Perspective's sweet and spicy beef chili adds some major substance to a hefty pile of nachos.

16. Black And White Turkey Chili

Black beans, white beans, and turkey make for one hearty wintertime meal, as Inside BruCrew Life shows.

17. Chili And Cornbread Waffle

If you're the kind of person who thinks every meal should be breakfast, then I Am A Food Blog's savory waffle is the meal for you.

18. Beef And Bean Chili With Bittersweet Chocolate

Chocolate in chili: the most amazing combination you haven't tried yet. The Kitchn explains all.

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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