Bullet Bra-Inspired Lingerie Makes a Bit of a Comeback

Pull on those tight sweaters, ladies, because WDD has declared that the bullet bra is back. Anyone in?

The infamous pointy-tipped brassiere that we now associate with Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour began as a popular form of support in the '40s and '50s. Although we may associate them with pin-up girls and ogling Wall Street bankers, the bullet bra actually did a fantastic job of supporting breasts before the heyday of underwire and push-up bras. The cups, as we all know, are pointy and kept their form with concentric stitching. And yes, when worn under a tight sweater — a popular look for the "sweater girls" of the era — they create the shape of pointy, unbelievably perky, visibly separated breasts.

Nowadays, it's rare to find a bullet bra worn by anyone who's not a rockabilly fanatic, a burlesque dancer, or otherwise obsessed with vintage fashion. However, WWD points out a number of high-end designers who now count bullet bras — or at least, bullet-inspired bras — among their silky offerings.

For these more modern numbers, it's less about a cone-shaped bra and more about allowing your breasts to, well, take on their natural cone shape. This means no padding, no underwire, and just a little bit of bra-induced guidance. La Perla offers a number of bras with embellishment over the nipples, conjuring up the bullet bra shape. The Eres Pompone Extase Full Cup Bra both separates the breasts and enhances the point. And if you're a real authentic freak, What Katie Did makes a host of seriously retro-inspired bullet- and cone bras; or, you can troll Etsy for plenty of stunning vintage finds.

We're not about to go sauntering down Wall Street in a tight yellow sweater anytime soon, but a little liberation from underwire sounds like a pretty modern way to wear undergarments.