10 V-Day Memes That All Couples Will Appreciate

by Chelsey Grasso

Who are the best kinds of couples? The ones who can shamelessly laugh at themselves, and subsequently, the ones who can shamelessly laugh at these Valentine's Day memes for couples. Yup, those are the couples who no one minds third wheeling it with, or inviting on a double date.

Everybody knows how silly couples can act around each other, from "You hang up... no, you hang up..." to actually taking kissing selfies (we're all guilty of it, don't get bashful now). As much as some of these things may make some of us want to gag on the regular, if the couple can admit to how absurd they're being, it kind of changes the whole game.

These hilarious memes capture all this ridiculous behavior, and then some. While you may not be able to escape the craziness of some relationships, at least you can embrace it with a good sense of humor.

Want to make your significant other laugh out loud this Feb. 14? Then send him or her one of these memes. No matter what stage of a relationship that you're in (from young love to married with kids), there is something here that will speak to every couple... or quite realistically, a few things.

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Images: MemeCenter (10)