This Is Where You Buy Rebel Wilson's Spring Line

Rebel Wilson's holiday collection for Torrid is still incredibly fresh in many of our minds as we mourn Christmas and face the coming year. To help us as we await crisp spring mornings and less layers, Rebel Wilson x Torrid's spring collection has just launched. It's full of lace, light colors, and quirky prints, proving that the longtime plus size brand is still bringing its A Game. What's even better is that the collection is now available both online and at all Torrid stores, according to a press release from the brand.

Wilson's sartorial commitment seems to go beyond adorably-executed designs and straight to a celebration of plus size brands. Considering the fact that plus size fashion still hasn't advanced to the point where women above a size 16 can walk into any store of their choosing and leave with something they love, Wilson is clearly aware of the importance of filling the voids.

When speaking about her new line, it's obvious that Wilson is not only designing clothes for her own enjoyment, but for the fans and plus size women who benefit from getting to recreate her too-cool style. "The reaction I’ve received from the first collection has been so overwhelmingly positive. I’m loving seeing the pictures of girls and women in my clothes on social media, feeling confident and loving themselves," she said in the press release. "Just like I have different personalities in the roles I play, I mixed things up in the second collection to show a different side of my fashion tastes and I’m so thrilled with the results!"

Personally, I think it's great to see plus size women's clothing that doesn't consist of doom, gloom, and dark shades. The pastel tones used throughout are perfect for the lightness of spring. Paired with the contrasting elements of Wilson's eccentric detailing — from sequin heart patches to "R" baseball jackets — the line is far from childlike lace dresses, but an authentic representation of Wilson's fun take on fashion.

The collection includes 24 pieces in total, ranging from accessories to jackets to a ridiculously awesome heart print co-ord set, and is relatively affordable, with items ranging from $22.50 to $98.50. By making fun fashion for plus size people not only available, but budget-friendly, Wilson and Torrid are proving that they know exactly what the plus size market is looking for and delivering it perfectly.

With the quick succession between the two collections, we can only hope that Wilson's residency as a designer for Torrid only continues so that we can get summer and autumn lines, too.

Images: Courtesy Torrid