Will Paris & Doyle Be Together In 'Gilmore Girls'? At Least One Half Of The Power Couple Is Set To Return

The early months of winter are typically pretty dull, but thanks to the news of the Gilmore Girls revival, practically every day these past few weeks has been cause for celebration. For fans, it's been a thrill to see so many original cast members and the showrunners setting their returns and giving interviews about what to expect when the new episodes premiere. Yet one pressing question many fans have had has not been answered — if Paris and Doyle will be together in the Gilmore Girls revival. Well, now that Liza Weil has been confirmed to be on the show, it's looking likelier than ever that the power couple will make their triumphant return.

According to TVLine, Weil is officially confirmed to be returning to Gilmore Girls, announcing at the aTVfest over the weekend that Paris would be in the revival. Although she didn't give more details than that, TVLine stated their belief that Weil would be in two out of the four planned episodes. And according to Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily Gilmore on the show, Paris' storylines in the revival will be pretty great; the actor told TVLine earlier in the week, even before Weil's return was confirmed, that what show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has written for Paris is "unbelievable.... people are going to have so much fun with it."

Meaning... that Paris is running for public office, and her campaign is absolutely crazy? That she's an Olivia Pope-style fixer in Washington, with no patience for screw-ups? That she's a doctor running her own practice, but with clients who are terrified of her every word? All these situations are totally possible (and would be hilarious to see, IMO), but my belief is that in this revival, the great Paris-centric storyline will be about her relationship with Doyle (Danny Strong) — because as fans know, those two together means major chaos and hilarity.

Yet Strong, now a hugely successful writer and producer (he's behind Empire and The Hunger Games movies, just to name a few) as well as an actor, has yet to sign on for the revival, so it's unclear if Doyle will be back alongside Paris. Here's hoping he's just finalizing negotiations and will announce his return soon, because it'd be a shame to see Paris without Doyle. It's not that she couldn't take on the world alone, of course (this is Paris Gellar we're talking about) — it's just that she and Doyle make such a great couple, balancing out each other's craziness, that it'd be sad to see Strong's absence in the revival as proof the characters had broken up.

Hopefully that won't be the case, and Paris and Doyle will both make great appearances on the new episodes. Yet even if Strong doesn't sign on, it's a relief to know that Weil has, and that regardless of her character's romantic life, Paris will have a big, unforgettable presence in the new episodes of Gilmore Girls.

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