Is This What You Really Want, Selena?

Oh, Selena. Selena, Selena, Selena. You've dated a baggy pants-wearing, concert ticket-selling, shticky teenage dreamboat before. Must we repeat the past? According to Us Weekly, Taylor Swift set Selena Gomez up with Austin Mahone, and it sounds just a little too close for comfort to the whole dating Justin Bieber thing. Gomez and Mahone are reportedly "seeing each other" and have been sneaking around and drove away from a concert on Jan. 24 in the same car together. The two have friends in the same circle and went to Disneyland together with a big group last June, and Mahone has said that he thinks Gomez is cool.

Sounds mildly fine and dandy, but to give you a rundown (just in case you don't have your latest issue of J-14 handy), Mahone is Swift's 17-year-old YouTube pop sensation touring buddy. His hits include "What About Love" and "Mmm Yeah."

Since both of those song titles strike the questionable cord with me (and make me miss Hanson), and remind me that Gomez's ex Justin Bieber was also discovered on YouTube and now has his first arrest under his belt, I've got to do a few comparisons. After all, Selena, it's for your own good — you're beginning to develop a "type." And PS, if this dating rumor is true, we have Swift to (not) thank. And PPS, if Bieber gets jealous, it may be a good idea for Austin to enter the Witness Protection Program.


Justin was discovered at the age of 14 on YouTube, and is now 19-years-old. (You mean to tell me that all that destructive behavior happened in five years? Eesh.)

Austin was discovered at the age of 15 on YouTube, ironically enough, because of his cover of Justin Bieber's song "Mistletoe." He's now 17-years-old (and is a native Texan, like Gomez).


Justin's fans are called Beliebers, and Austin's fans are called Mahomies. Come on Selena, do you really want to have been labeled as both?


Both look absolutely ridiculous while performing in metallic outfits to choreographed dance moves. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be mean. They just do.

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All in all, Mahone seems like a good kid, loves his fans, and is just getting his feet wet in the biz — but this whole thing still gives me a case of the heebie jeebies.

If you're an accomplished 21-year-old woman and dating a guy who can't vote yet — check your heart and wait until his 18th birthday to see if those feelings are still there. Amiright?

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