The 11 Most Romantic Things Beyonce & Jay Z Have Done For Each Other

Valentine's Day is soon, but that one designated day of love isn't the only time to be romantic — something Jay Z knows well. According to Us Weekly, Jay-Z reportedly sent Beyonce 10,000 roses before her Super Bowl performance, because obviously he's got this whole marriage thing down pat. Support is one of the cardinal rules of any relationship, and the Carters have shown their respect for one another over and over again during the course of their relationship.

Because as wonderful as the purported roses gesture is, and it is wonderful, it's certainly not the exception to the rule in the Bey-Jay marriage. The two are constantly romancing one another, making everyone else's relationships look subpar (as if their celebrity, fortune, and success didn't do that already). Those alleged 10,000 roses are just a dent in their already thoughtful and profound relationship, as the below are 11 more times that Jay Z and Beyonce did super romantic things with and for one another.

1. When Jay Z (With Blue Ivy!) Presented The Vanguard Award To Beyonce

It was too much. I'm still recovering.

2. When Beyonce Announced Her Pregnancy And Jay Cheered Her On

Mehdi Ladi on YouTube

The cuteness begins at 4:21.

3. "Drunk In Love" — The Whole Thing

beyonceVEVO on YouTube


4. Honestly, Whenever They're In A Music Video Together

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

See what I mean?

5. And Whenever They Duet

Power. Couple.

6. The Fact That They Did An Entire Tour Together

Beyoncé on YouTube

That montage, though.

7. *Wipes Tears* THIS

Oh, man.

8. When Jay-Z Picked Bey As The Famous Woman He'd Want To Be

mznessaxo on YouTube

You guys? Enough.

9. Whenever They Show Off A Little Lovin'

<3 <3 <3

10. When Bey Took This Pic And Wrote This Caption

Using Jay Z's lyrics is both clever and sweet.

11. Jay Z's "Glory," In Which He Gives Most Of The Credit For Blue Ivy To Bey

Mamadou Mansour Diop on YouTube

"So a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of Bey."

You give us hope for the rest of us, guys. Good on you.

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