What's The Song In The Victoria's Secret Super Bowl Commercial? You'll Want To Hear It Again

Victoria's Secret ads often include some really catchy songs, and the lingerie company's most recent ad is no exception. The song in the Victoria's Secret Super Bowl ad is a good one, although it doesn't steal the show from the great ad itself; unlike a lot of commercials famously aired during the sporting event, the Victoria's Secret ad is, well, actually about football. It features a bunch of Angels, including Adriana Lima and Jasmine Tookes, playing on a football team against the "Devils" to make a glorious comeback. Sports journalist Erin Andrews stars as the coach who leads them to victory. There are even a few jokes about the company's products, as while the ad doesn't feature any of the brand's undergarments, the announcer makes a few puns about the "great coverage by the Angels. They're known for that."

Once the Angels have won, a triumphant song plays as the models/football players treat the field as a catwalk. That song, as you might guess from the snippet played on the commercial, is called "More, More, More." It's by the band Clooney, and it was released in 2012. I would describe the song as a cross between Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani, and I bet it would be a perfect workout track.

Victoria's Secret on YouTube

There isn't that much information on Clooney online, but according to SuperPop, the band is apparently actually a collaboration between two production teams. They describe themselves as "the music of the underground — dark clubs, late nights, high heels, broken dreams and superstar fantasies." They've appeared on a lot of compilations and commercials, according to their Facebook page. You can check out more of their music on iTunes — it'll make for the perfect break from downing wings and watching TV all night long.

Image: Victoria's Secret/Youtube