What's The David Bowie Song In The Audi Commercial? It's An Absolute Classic

I don't typically pay too much attention to songs used in commercials, usually because I know them well or I've heard them so much that they've annoyed me to the point where I tune them out altogether. But some commercial songs are different, like the Audi Super Bowl commercial, which is emotionally charged and profound — thanks in large part to the David Bowie song it uses. As for what Bowie song is in the Audi commercial, the answer lies in the overarching theme of the commercial.

First things first, if you aren't too familiar with Bowie and his work, that's OK — don't let people make you feel like a noob. But this song's a classic, and you should get to know what it is. The song Audi appropriately used for their spot is Bowie's "Starman." For those of you who haven't yet seen the commercial, I know. I'm just as emotionally compromised as you. In fact, I may be more distraught, because I haven't even told you what the commercial is about yet. That said, brace yourselves.

The ad is about an elderly, retired astronaut who you meet as he is forlornly staring at the pictures of his youthful glory. That is, until his son comes to take him out for a ride in his new car. "Starman" plays as the son lets him drive, and we see the former astronaut slowly get his mojo back, as the control flipping, steering, and speeding remind him of his time commandeering his spaceship. So, as you can imagine, Bowie's "Starman" perfectly complements the scenario at hand.

You can check out the sentimental commercial for yourself, below:

So, there you have it. Here's a virtual hug.