Listen To Key & Peele's "Real Talk" If You're Bored During The Super Bowl — VIDEO

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the football, some watch for the halftime show, and some celebrate this very special Sunday by actually enjoying commercials. One that you may have noticed both during the Super Bowl and during the week leading up to the game is Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key's "Real Talk" Squarespace ad. But wait! This is no ordinary ad. While Key and Peele are advertising website building company Squarespace, they also really are announcing the game, albeit unofficially (ie. they probably can't actually say the words "Super Bowl") on their own Squarespace page and you can listen along. Ya know, if you're bored of hearing the normal CBS announcers.

If you tune into Key and Peel's "Real Talk" you definitely won't get your normal game commentary. Mostly, they're just improving about random football-y things that are far more hilarious than hearing about interceptions and first downs.

So, if you're sick of regular announcing, commercials, and aren't all that interested in seeing Coldplay during the halftime show (you gotta check out Beyoncé, though, right?!), then check out Key and Peele! You can even mute your TV, keep the game on, and just listen to them instead. Best of both worlds! It's like watching Key & Peele while also seeing Cam Newton's gorgeous face — I mean, while also enjoying one of America's greatest sports.

Check it out!

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