What's The Song In The Marmot Ad? The Super Bowl 50 Commercial Is All About Friendship

Well, it's official, the strange commercials for the Big Game have begun and leading the pack is Marmot's Super Bowl 50 commercial featuring a guy becoming BFFs with a digital version of an animal marmot who the guy later tries to kiss only to be told that the animal is "not that kind of marmot." So, OK. But, I'm not here to comment on the content of the commercial which was advertising the outdoor clothing and sporting goods company. I'm here to tell you what the song in the Marmot Super Bowl 50 commercial was, because the ditty shouldn't go unnoticed just because there was a digital animal/human friendship blossoming on top of the soundtrack.

The tune is called "Friends" by Flight of the Conchords and features sweet lyrics like the following:

Friends sing together, la, la, la, laFriends do things together, la, la, la, laFriends laugh together, ha, ha, ha, haFriends make graphs together, la, la, a

The song fit in well with the theme of the commercial which was about falling in love with nature (and presumably with outdoor clothing company Marmot) but not with actual marmots. Leave the animal kind of marmot as just your friend, la, la, la, la.

Image: Marmot/Youtube