Do Super Bowl Rings Have Real Diamonds?

Super Bowl rings are the ultimate in bling. It makes you wonder if Super Bowl rings have real diamonds (and if so, how many) right? The rings aren't simple accessories, after all. They are massive, eye-catching, and are more visible on a daily basis than some trophy. They aren't dainty and that makes sense, given the fact that football players are hardly mere mortals. The rings also commemorate a championship that is a major and hard-fought professional accolade. Therefore, Super Bowl rings ain't playing around with dat cubic zirconia.

Super Bowl rings are indeed crafted with real diamonds. What varies, however, is the amount of diamonds in the design. According to Sports-Rings, a team's ownership and management selects who will create and manufacture the rings. The winning team also has the option to issue a lower-cost version to staff and to friends and family. They can also decide if they want to craft a collectible piece for fans.

There are lots of guidelines in place for how much rings can cost. But rather than get into that dollars and cents minutia, one cool thing that Sports-Rings reveals is that teams that have won multiple championships are allowed to spend more on the ice in their rings. The rings can be set in gold or platinum material, as well.

Some of the diamonds are in the shape of a football or of the team's logo. The teams and jewelry designers can get seriously creative with these rings.

That's some ring, isn't it? 205 diamonds? Quick, someone cue the Rihanna song. "Shine bright like 205 diamonds..."

Jostens, which I previously knew as the company that made my high school class rings, has manufactured the majority of Super Bowl rings.

Notice the pattern? The rings get blingier and blingier as time goes on.

The more, the merrier, especially when it comes to diamonds. The rings are certainly ostentatious, but then again, they should be. The Super Bowl is a massive professional victory that should be commemorated as such.

Images: Patriots/Twitter; Courtesy of Jostens (3)