These Eli Manning SB50 Memes Are Everything

Eli Manning showed up to Super Bowl 50 to support his big brother Peyton as he led the Denver Broncos to victory. But while the intention was surely intended to be supportive, joining the rest of the Manning extended family up in VIP accommodations, Eli's expression after Peyton clinched his second Super Bowl win had some thinking that he might have been less than thrilled. Staring blankly ahead, off to the horizon, Eli Manning's expression can only be described as completely zoned out or in a state of complete and utter shock.

The New York Giants quarterback and little sibling to the newly record-making NFL quarterback — Peyton is the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl — looked physically pained as his elder sibling celebrated his second victory. The rest of the Manning clan looked jubilant and appropriately emotionally invested in the experience. Who knows exactly what was going through Eli's head at the moment that Peyton and the Denver Broncos clinched the win at Super Bowl 50, but he definitely has to deal with newly raised expectations after his brother won the night. Regardless of whether or not Peyton retires, or if either Manning will make it to a third Super Bowl, the 2016-2017 NFL season is sure to be a captivating one.

Check it out below.

Someone should check on Eli. He's veering dangerously close to GOB territory.

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