How Much Does America Spend On Beer? $1,200 Per Drinker Per Year, And 5 More Facts About Beer You Didn't Know

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Beer is an American staple, up there with apple pie, hot dogs and baseball. And boy, do we love us some brews. Just in time for the Super Bowl, a report has come out from research company Survey Analytics: "The Secret Life of the American Beer Buyer" that details the habits of America's beer drinkers.

The beer industry employs two million Americans, and sales in the country are bouncing back thanks to the rising popularity of craft brews and breweries. If that's not reason for a celebratory drink, we don't know what is. While there weren't enough respondents to represent all of America's beer-drinking habits — only 300 survey participants, from 42 states — the study delves into some of the juicy details of a favorite American pastime: BEER.

So grab a pint (it's happy hour somewhere!) and learn what the good ol' U.S. of A. thinks about beer...

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