Nobody Can Tell Who The Mom Is In This Viral Pic

You may think that your own family twinning game is peak, but this mom posing with her twins is about to knock your socks off (and leave you very, very confused). On January 28, a girl named Kaylan Mahomes uploaded a photo of herself, her sister, and her mom to Twitter. The caption reads "Mom, twin & me," which would make it seem ordinary enough — except when you look a little closer, you realize that it's garnered upwards of 33.3K RTs and 59.6K likes... and counting. Why? Well, nobody can figure out which of the three is the mom!

The three girls look like actual triplets, and even if you think your eye is more discerning than most, you'll probably be left at a loss for words, too. (Namely, how whichever of them is the mom has aged like a flawless, Beyoncé fine wine) but more on that later. Fortunately for us, Kaylan and her family decided to play into the madness, creating the Instagram account @momtwinandme to keep the guessing game going. Yet, those paying close enough attention will know: the cat has already been let out of the bag!

Shortly after the photo was posted, Kaylan then uploaded another short video of the three, in which she and her sister prank her mom. In essence, they're all posed the same way, but their mom doesn't know they're taking a video. She captioned the post "My mom thought it was a pic" with a laugh-cry emoji, revealing which in the video is, in fact, their mom (SPOILER ALERT: it's the lady on the left!).

Not long later, The New York Daily News was able to confirm. "I am the one in the black blazer on the left," mama Tina Brown, 35, told the newspaper. "We didn't really expect a random picture from when I was picking up the girls from school would lead to all this." During the interview, she also revealed how it is that she looks as good as her 16-year-old twins, saying, "I try to drink a lot of water, I try to stay stress-free." While those are, without question, two very important things, we're gonna go on a limb and say that there are some amazing genetics at work, too.

If you don't believe it, check out this other Twitter user who uploaded the photo to, the robot that analyzes photos and assigns an approximate age. Lo and behold: the girls came in at "20," "25," and "27," respectively. (Either that bot is not on its game, or yes, that's correct: the mom actually looks younger than her girls.) Check out the photo here, and may your #momtwin goals forever be leveled up.

Images: Pixabay