Twitter Users Share How They Help Others — So Get Ready For Some Feels

The internet is so often a vehicle for hate, ignorance and negativity that it's easy to forget about the good stuff. Case in point: the trending hashtag #IHelpOthersBy, which is showcasing the ways Twitter users give back. As with every trend, there are plenty of jokes and snide commentary, but there's almost plenty of folks earnestly engaging with the hashtag by sharing how they volunteer and/or spread positivity through less quantifiable means — like not being a jerk to their barista or smiling at strangers (but not in a creeper way).

Although altruism is theoretically the drive behind charitable work, let's be honest, it feels good to do good, and there's nothing wrong with getting some benefits from giving. In fact, multiple studies have shown that volunteering provides physical health benefits on top of the obvious psychological ones. Back in 2007, The Corporation For National & Community Service cited evidence correlating volunteering with lower rates of depression, lower mortality rates, and greater functional ability. The community engagement that results from helping others also provides health benefits, so it's really a win-win when you donate your time or energy to those in need — because everyone can legit use a little TLC. Here are just some of the ways that Twitter users help others:

Images: Unsplash; Twitter