This 'SNL' Superbowl Ad Parody Got So Dark So Fast & We Are All Here For It — VIDEO

For those of you who didn't spend last night half with your eyes on the game and half refreshing your news feeds to integrate Twitter commentary with the shows, the ads, and of course, the stars, all was as usual. While the SNL Super Bowl parody ad that we were graced with last year was undoubtedly fantastic, this year, they did a revival, and it was one of horrifically alien proportions.

If you recall, the OG commercial stars Vanessa Bayer as a stereotypical football wife, smiling and ready to serve her guys Totino's pizza bites. "I just love feeding my hungry guys!" is her slogan (and it is flawless). After she's dismissed from the living room because "the game is on," she then goes back to the kitchen in which she plays with her "Super Bowl Activity Pack for Women," which features a few little games, connect-the-dot coloring books, a ping pong ball, and one mini Totino just for her! It's hilariously accurate in terms of how well it mocks the nature of so many commercials we see. Vanessa's original monologue reads:

"When it comes to the big game, I love feeding my hungry guys. But... now what? I normally just sit in the kitchen, waiting for them to ask for more delicious Totino's pizza rolls. But that can be so boring! Well, not anymore. Introducing Totino's new Super Bowl Activity Pack for Women. It's full of activities and games to keep my mind active and learning while I wait back here. My hungry guys aren't the only ones having fun today, I can spin a little top, connect the dots, do a word search, count my own money, and plenty of other activities!"

But this time... there's a major twist.

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

While serving her "hungry guys" at this year's Super Bowl, Vanessa returns to the living room only to realize that the guys aren't watching the game, they're watching a black screen. She slowly backs up against a bookshelf, dropping all the precious Totino's and telling her daughter Brittany to get in the car. All the guys turn around and reveal their black eyes, and Vanessa screams: "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MY HUNGRY GUYS?!" Cut to the end credit — it's a preview for The X Files.

I'm not sure which part is more brilliant: the original video or the ad placement for the show. Indeed it's funny, but it also sheds a sliver of light on some pretty incredible truths. Check out the rest of the clip here for yourself, and remember: football is for everyone, jobs are not assigned by gender, and this dark, cold, sad world may be slowly awakening to the #Truth after all: The X Files are FINALLY BACK.

Images: YouTube