13 Photos Of Yolanda & David Foster’s Wedding That Prove Their Love Was Timeless

I know, I know. It might seem a little insensitive to be paging through the old wedding photos of a couple that just recently announced their impending divorce, but I admire the way that Yolanda and David Foster have gone their separate ways without disrespecting the relationship they had and their love for each other. Which is why I think it’s sort of acceptable to celebrate their marriage, even if it’s on the outs. After all, they have spoken openly in support of each other and even shared some of their relationship memories post-split, so it seems totally fine to step back in time and revisit the best photos from Yolanda and David Foster’s wedding.

Especially since it was basically the event of the century. Brad and Angelina have nothing on these two, who tied the knot in front of a number of incredible stars. Their wedding featured Dr. Phil giving them marital advice, Andrea Bocelli singing during the ceremony, and Oprah Winfrey dancing the night away at the reception. So ,while these two may have decided to end things amicably, there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to one hell of a celebration. And that is definitely what Yolanda and David Foster’s wedding was. Just take a look at these 13 pictures for proof.

1. Anwar Walked Her Down The Aisle

It only seems right that the most important man in her life would give her away.

2. They Embraced Each Other’s Cultures

David Foster is from Canada, which explains the Mounties in attendance.

3. They Wrote Their Own Vows

Given that they often wrote each other love notes throughout their marriage, I bet these were pretty incredible.

4. They Chose A Very Special Day

The two were married on November 11, 2011. That’s right: 11-11-11.

5. There Was Constant Music

It’s no surprising that a wedding for David Foster would involve a lot of amazing music, but even their walk down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Foster involved a little dancing.

6. That Bridal Party Tho

Those multi-tone dresses are just to die for. And so are the Hadid babies. Look at how little they were!

7. They Involved The Whole Family

This shot includes their entire extended family: the Hadids and David Foster’s children. I spy with my little eye some Jenner boys.

8. The Decorating Was On Point

Is it really any wonder that the reception hall was stunning? The Fosters chose an all grey palette spruced up with pops of pink from the flowers. And, of course, plenty of pictures of the happy couple to grace the walls.

9. Her Makeup Was Stunning

Can she please post a tutorial on how she got that perfect look? ‘Cause I'mma need that this wedding season.

10. Everything Was Music-Themed

Even their five-tier cake.

11. They Paid Homage To Each Other’s Past

Wrapping herself in a Canadian flag, Yolanda embraced her husband’s cultural heritage. One key, she says, to keeping romance alive.

12. Yolanda Even Got In On The Music Action

yolandahadid on YouTube

As a gift to her new husband, Yolanda presented him with a music video of her singing his famous song, “I Love You.”

13. Their Wedding Video Is Seriously Cry-Worthy

Yolanda H. Foster on YouTube

Who can watch this without crying? If you can, you are made of steel.

What an incredible night for such an incredible couple.