Do Black Light Tattoos Cost More Than Regular Ink?

Black light tattoos have everything: They glow under UV lighting and are incognito in daylight — in other words, they're like the awesome throwback to invisible ink that you never knew you needed. That said, how do you go about getting one for yourself? And do black light tattoos cost more than regular ink? Sure, they're awesome because they're work appropriate and easy to ignore if you ever get sick of the design or want to cover it up with something else, but are they worth it?

Well, unfortunately for our wallets, black light tattoos are going to be a little more of an investment: UV tattoos are still newer on the scene, and as such, it can be a little more difficult to find tattoo artists that specialize in the medium. Also, the process of getting the tattoo actually takes more time — because UV ink has a thinner consistency than your standard tattoo ink, it's generally considered more difficult to work with, leading to more time spent under the needle (plus, there's also the challenge of working under a black light to consider). For the above reasons, it's best if you find a tattoo artist with experience using black light ink — after all, nothing is worse than a botched tattoo, eh?

Even with the increased price in mind, in a lot of ways, the benefits may well outweigh the costs — I mean, what's some extra cash when it comes to a glowing tattoo that vanishes during daylight?

There's also the fact that black light tattoos continue to grow in popularity (heck, they might just be the next big thing) — and they're a great way to add some undercover flair to your personal canvas.

Besides, why get a basic butterfly tattoo when you can get a butterfly tattoo that basically glows in the dark?

Images: scotty_robotty/Instagram; Giphy