8 Kylie Jenner-Approved Lip Plumping Tricks

Take one look at any of Kylie Jenner's many Snapchat stories or her Instagram feed and you'll notice one thing — that plump pout. While Jenner's lips have yet to gain their own show on E! Network (keyword: yet), they have definitely been receiving a lot of buzz in the media over the past year. While the youngest of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan has previously admitted to using fillers (who are we to judge?), she has also embraced her love for the magic of makeup.

It's not just the media who is obsessed with her new look — Jenner's new lip kits have been consistently selling out within minutes. Yes, literally minutes. If you're one of the many who has tried (and failed) to cop one of the highly coveted kits, don't sweat it! From embracing glide-on lip liner to using a time-saving lip plumper and primer duo, we've rounded up the best Jenner-approved tips and tricks to get you a total mouth makeover in minutes — sans-fillers. Whether you're a novice in the lip product department or you're already six shades deep into Kylie Lip Kit paradise, there's a trick here for you. They're so good that you'll be sharing new selfies on your own Snapchat story in no time!

Exfoliate With A Naturally Delicious Lip Scrub

Lush Mint Julep Scrub, $20, Amazon

Using an all-natural lip scrub will brush away dry skin, leaving your mouth smooth and keeping any makeup you apply stay put from day to night. You can't expect a great end result without putting in a little necessary preparation first — so simply rub this Lush mint julep scrub on your lips and lick off the excess. It tastes just like candy, making it deliciously easy to keep your lips soft and healthy!

Prep Your Pout With A Plumping Primer

Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Lip Primer, $19, Amazon

Kill two birds with one stone by snagging a primer that packs a serious punch. Apply this hydrating primer to clean, dry lips, and it will have your lipstick staying on all day long. It will simultaneously plump them up, giving you that Kylie-esque pillowy look almost instantly.

Apply Smooth Foundation For Extra Lipstick Adhesive

Lorec Porefection Foundation, $36, Amazon

After using a primer on your pout, apply this layer of silky foundation to your lips to create a smooth canvas for your lip color of choice. This foundation is the perfect pick — it protects with SPF 20 and is oil-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. It's safe for both your skin and your lips!

Overline Your Lips With An Easy Glide-On Pencil

MAC Lip Pencil Spice, $20, Amazon

One user raved about this MAC Lip Pencil, saying it always glides right on "without breaking or drying out." The Lip Kit Queen would definitely approve of this product, as she's publicly said she is a huge proponent of over-lining her lips. To achieve a dramatic pout, like the one Jenner can be spotted with on the red carpet, choose a color slightly darker than your natural shade, and overdraw your lip shape before filling in the rest.

Be Bold With A Rich Pop Of Color

e.l.f. Matte Lip Color (Wine), $7, Amazon

This vampy lip liner is infused with vitamins to keep your kissers moisturized while giving you a rich pop of color. Jenner is often seen rocking a similar dark, bold hue to draw extra attention to her lips. Bonus: This e.l.f. color stick will give you the semi-matte look that is perfect for your next night out.

Create The Illusion Of Fuller Lips WIth A Shimmery Highlighter

Waterproof Highlighter Stick Shimmer, $5, Amazon

This illuminating highlighter stick is waterproof and blends easily, which is vital for not smudging your freshly applied lipstick. Using your finger, apply the gold-toned highlighter to the center of your top and bottom lip before rubbing them together to blend. This creates the illusion of fuller lips by adding an eye-catching shimmer to the middle of your mouth.

Create More Natural Lines With A Compact Concealer Brush

Sigma Beauty Concealer Brush, $14, Amazon

Users praise this brush for how well it cleans up the lip area without being too big or too stiff of a brush. For more natural looking lines, just take a few extra seconds before you finish up your look and glide this tiny concealer brush around the outside edges of your kissers. Voila! You've achieved pouty-lip perfection.

Prevent Smudging With A Translucent Powder

Mehron Setting Powder-Neutral, $12, Amazon

Kylie Jenner lives a busy lifestyle— and so do you. Leave no room for possible smudges throughout the day by lightly brushing an ultra-fine setting powder over your lips. This one is your best bet because it won't clump up and it's completely translucent so it won't show over your bold color. Pro Tip: hold a thin tissue over your lips and brush the powder over the tissue to be sure the brush won't interfere with your fierce new look when applying the finishing touch!

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