Goldie Hawn Might Play Amy Schumer’s Mother & These Two Feminist Women Would Be The Perfect Pairing

Hold onto your funny bones, people, because the biggest comedic casting of the decade could very potentially be going down as we speak. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Goldie Hawn could be cast as Amy Schumer’s mother. The actress has supposedly been given an offer and is in early talks to play Schumer’s mother in the untitled comedy directed by Jonathan Levine. No details beyond these have been released, but I think this potential casting is enough to get excited over, because oh my god how amazing would it be if Goldie Hawn plays Amy Schumer’s mother? I mean, I can honestly think of so many reasons why this casting decision needs to come down in Hawn’s favor.

Even though there are other actresses in the running — THR reports that Sally Field and Frances McDormand have also been approached for the part — I’m gunning big time for Goldie for a bunch of reasons. And, trust me, my reasoning goes way beyond the fact that they kind of look alike. Even though that is a pretty legitimate reason, if you ask me.

So what are the reasons why this casting move needs to happen? Well, for one, both Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer are fiercely feminist. Their past projects all revolve solidly around empowering women and calling into question the feminine ideal, like Goldie Hawn’s The First Wives Club or Amy Schumers Trainwreck. Both movies work hard to depict women in a more nuanced way. Their films show women who aren’t one-note sexual objects, but who have a multitude of opinions, personal struggles, and — gasp! — sexual relationships.


And then there’s the fact that Goldie Hawn is a comedic great. I mean, talk about standing on the shoulders of giants. Amy Schumer’s comedy is largely possible because of the road female comedians paved before her. Female comedians like Goldie Hawn, who didn’t let her gender or her looks determine the roles she went for or the complex ways she was portrayed in films. Plus, it’s been way too long since she has been in a film. Her last project was an episode of Phineas and Ferb in 2013, but before that her last movie role was in The Banger Sisters in 2002. The world is ready for a Goldie Hawn comeback, and this would be the perfect role to make it happen.

Plus there’s this: Imagining the kind of woman who would produce a funny woman like Amy Schumer as offspring is kind of fun. She’d have to be equally as sharp and cynical as Schumer herself, and I can only imagine Hawn nailing this kind of delivery. How perfect would she be as Amy Schumer’s equal and opposite life force?

If you ask me, Goldie Hawn as Amy Schumer’s mother would be absolutely perfect. But, until the official word comes down from the big wigs, I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they can make it happen.

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