'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Shows It's Hard To Be Honest

by Laura Rosenfeld

It seemed like things between Rebecca and Josh were in such a good place during last Monday night's episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that it really made me think the word "ex" would soon enough have to be taken out of the title of this show. Indeed, they were still feeling the good vibes brought on by their camp nostalgia trip during this Monday night's episode. However, as Rebecca continued to hide her true, honest feelings from Josh, it caused their relationship to become more strained than it has ever been on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

As a lot of relationship drama begins in this digital age, Rebecca's problems all started with a text message. Rebecca meant to text Paula all about her cute encounter with Josh that afternoon, but instead she accidentally texted her ex with a message that basically revealed everything, that she's madly in love with him and only uprooted her life to West Covina, California to be with him.

Rebecca then went on a mad dash to Josh's empty apartment to delete the text from his phone. She actually did that with ease. However, things got complicated when Josh arrived home earlier than expected, only to find Rebecca there without his knowledge. Rebecca then made up a whole story about running over to be with Josh and Valencia after someone broke into her apartment and smashed her window.

Of course, there was no real break-in or window smashed, but Josh bought it anyway and accompanied Rebecca back to her home. Rebecca enlisted the help of Paula, who was having an awkward romantic dinner with her husband Scott in an effort to reconnect and fix their marital problems, to smash her window before she got there with Josh. Surprisingly, it was only when Paula let Scott into her obsession with Rebecca's romantic life that the couple seemed to be in a better place. There was also a really hysterical part with Paula and Scott reciting the show's opening theme song, so do yourself a favor and check that out.

Though the evening really turned around for Paula and Scott, it continued to go downhill for Rebecca and Josh, even though it looked like someone had really broken into the apartment and Rebecca was able to get rid of the police officer Josh called using her legalese. But as they say, the cover-up is worse than the crime. Josh eventually found out that Rebecca had been lying the whole time, and he left her apartment just disgusted with her behavior.

Right after Rebecca's dream sequence of self-loathing through song by crooning "you ruined everything, you stupid bitch," Greg arrived out of nowhere to save the day. Rebecca was elated to see him because she didn't want to be alone at that moment, but once Greg realized things had gone south with Josh and Rebecca would be settling for him, he got out of there quickly, but not before basically admitting that he still has feelings for Rebecca.

Well, getting rejected by two men you've had romantic feelings for definitely falls under the category of "Worst Night Ever." However, the always maternal Paula cheered Rebecca up the next day by assuring her that she doesn't ruin things and that she actually brought herself and Scott together. She also promised Rebecca that things would get better. Seeing as how badly everything went for Rebecca in Monday night's episode, I don't see how they would get any worse.

Even after all of this, Rebecca is still in love with Josh as much as ever, but this episode also convinced me that she still has some feelings for Greg. It looks like next week's episode will introduce another man as a distraction for Rebecca, but it remains to be seen how genuine her feelings are for him — or if he's even real at all. All I know is Rebecca is going to have to start being honest, especially with herself, if she ever wants to have a shot at being happy, even if that means never rekindling her romance with Josh.

Images: Scott Everett White/The CW (2); brookheimers/Tumblr