Textured Chocolate Bars Are A Whole New Experience

by Dasha Fayvinova

In a world filled with delicious goodies, one food truly stands out — I'm talking about chocolate, of course. Nendo, a Japanese design company, has created textured chocolate bars to win over any sweet-tooth-having sugary lover. With twelve small squares to break off and sample (each having its own texture and design), you won't stop having fun until you've eaten the whole thing. Just seeing the pictures alone makes me want to catch the first plane to Japan stat.

Nendo is somewhat obsessed with creating objects that will give you a rush of feelings. Their products are often easy to use, but at the same time create a singular experience that gets folks excited. After browsing their website I found a cube shaped sticky note variety pack. It appeared to be like any average office supply until you looked a little closer. The design allows for three different sized sticky notes to sit on your desk inches away from your hand. Genius. Maybe that's why I got so excited when I saw that the company had made "chocolatetexturebar". If that chocolate redefines what we thought of taste in the middle of the eating process, then I am doubly excited. Basically, if chocolate is involved I am always on board.

The reason why this company puts emphasis on their chocolate being innovative, is because texture often creates a different eating experience to that of your usual bite and swallow. Texture makes your food taste better. I have thus far agreed with that mentality. Mixing crunchy with smooth has always been a winning combination to me. My favorite chocolate always has nuts in it, so I am excited to see what exciting tastes textured chocolate will have.

Nendo isn't just giving us the same old chocolate treatment as everyone else. Not only does each bar have 12 squares of texture, but it also comes in different flavors! Now you can try this new design in milk chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate, bitter chocolate, and matcha flavors. Personally, I'm looking forward to trying to matcha flavored chocolate bar. Something about it being green but still maintaining that delicious sweet taste has be scrambling to find it online.

According to Nendo's research, taste is not as simple as just eating a food sample. Tasting occurs when your mouth, tongue, and throat all work together. Food is chewed, rolled around, stretched, and melted down to help your brain register the flavor. By savoring each square individually you are basically becoming a chocolate expert. I bet you can tell the difference between textures with your eyes closed. I also bet there is going to be a game show about this someday. If you want to try this delicious invention yourself, you wont be able to do so from your house. Nendo does not ship to the US and "chocolatetexturebar" is only available for purchase in Japan. What a huge bummer! I guess this just means your next vacation is already in the works.

Images: Nendo/