What if Cam from 'Modern Family' Dated Liz Lemon?

What the what? Apparently Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and 30 Rock 's Tina Fey go way, way back — and he had a huge crush on her. In an interview with Howard Stern early on Wednesday, Stonestreet talked about his love for his "hot" former teacher, Golden Globe host Fey, and how hard it is for him to meet people in Hollywood. Just imagine what that Modern Family/30 Rock crossover would be like — an epic, primetime comedy match-up.

Stonestreet told Stern that he met Fey when he was training at the Second City improv club years ago. Fey was the Modern Family star's Level 2 teacher at the club and, according to the actor who plays Cameron Tucker on the ABC comedy, she was already winning over the hearts of the world by being brilliant and talented. Stonestreet opened up about his former mentor:

Tina is hot and I've always found Tina extremely attractive. But Tina didn't look like the Tina now. She was hot because she was so f--king talented and funny. Every guy had a huge crush on her. She's been with her husband, Jeff, for years and years and years now.

The comedy actors never had any relationship beyond friendship, but imagine if they did? Even better — imagine if Modern Family's Cam and 30 Rock's Liz Lemon dated?

They'd Probably Meet On A Blind Date

Stonestreet also got candid with Stern about using, and finding success with, the popular dating/hook-up apps Tinder and Grindr to meet people in Hollywood because it's really hard. Obviously Liz Lemon wouldn't use a dating site — but Jenna would probably sign her up behind her back.

They Might Bond Over Their Resolutions To Exercise

Exercise, blergh.

Then They'd Both Wonder Why The Other Hasn't Called

Then one of them would call and they'd plan their second date.

The Second Date

Liz Lemon would fall in love because, cheese.

But Then TGS Would Get In The Way

Because Cam is working on starting a new career (handmade lycra cat-clothing) and Liz is already married to The Girly Show so they can't spend as much time together as they'd like.

But She'll Want To Make It Work

But then Tracy would go missing and Liz would have to cancel their date and it just wouldn't work out.

They'd Break Up But Stay Friends

And Cameron would reveal his true feelings about who he loves. (Men. He loves men.)

Then They'd Bond Over Their Tindr Misadventures

Because that's what friends are for.

The End.

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