This Supermom's Diaper Skills Are Going Viral

Being a parent is hard work. It probably doesn't take more than a few hours of babysitting to prove it to you, but in case there was any remaining doubt, this super mom's diaper changing routine will at once make you dizzy, nauseous and utterly bewildered at how parents get anything done throughout the day. While every parent is a superhero in their own right, this mom has garnered a ton of attention, as she's balancing triplets and a two-year-old toddler. Anyone with even a little experience with just one baby can attest to the madness and magic and chaos that is trying to change, feed and keep all parties from sobbing for 12 hours a day — but this mom is quite honestly at another level.

The video was posted to the Facebook page "The Baby Gang" just a few days ago. The page was created by the Gibsons, who have taken to the Internet to upload their adventures with four babies under the age of two. The kids' names are Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi (the foremost latter being the two-year-old big sis, the rest being the triplets). Even though the "Baby Gang's" videos have only been uploaded for months, weeks, and even days so far, fan favorites such as the diaper changing fiasco have already garnered upwards of one million shares (and that's no small feat for a brand new platform). Their fanbase has already grown to almost 200,000 likes, and this is probably just the beginning.

As it turns out, when the family isn't going crazy trying to change diapers, they're busy with some other pretty cute stuff, too. Check out the video below of the kid's dad doing exercises with his two-year-old at "Baby Training Camp." It was posted to their website, The Baby Gang, alongside a caption that reads:

It is a funny thing as your kids get older. It amazes me every day to watch them as they develop. The world is this huge place and just about every time you leave the house becomes a new and big adventure. What I find most entertaining is their ability to learn and how they learn. You as a parent are their full time teacher, and they will mimic you in just about everything you do.. It can be very fun and very scary. Emily is my oldest of the baby-gang, this December she will be 2 and it all happened in the blink of an eye. She is my partner in crime and she mimics my wife and I in almost everything we do. I take genuine interest in fitness and enjoy hitting weights and daily workouts. Since the triplets, I have had to focus on my workouts more at home with the kids. One day I was doing leg raises and here comes Emily rushing by my side .. That is when I knew it was time to bust out the camera. The ending is pretty cute too.

For more adorable Baby Gang videos, check out their Facebook page.

Images: Facebook Video