What That Extra Plastic Lid On Moisturizer Is For

When it comes to skincare, proper storage is almost as important as proper usage. Because so many products have ingredients that can change or go bad depending on if they're exposed to too much oxygen, too much light, or too much heat and humidity, it's good to take care of your skincare as much as it takes care of you. Which brings me to an issue I can't believe I've gone so long not knowing the answer to: Should you keep that plastic lid on moisturizers and other skincare jars? You know the one I mean — when you unscrew the lid of your jar, and there's that additional lid that you have to lift up to access the product? What purpose does that actually serve?

I'll admit: I've always been pretty inconsistent about those. If they easily pop on and off, I usually let them be. But if they create too much suction and slip around when I try to pry them off, I'll toss 'em. Turns out there is a correct way to handle those lips. To get the most out of your moisturizers or other skincare products, the answer is to leave those babies on. They're there for a reason.

Unlike safety seals on other products (like exfoliating pads or squeezy tubes of body lotion) that you can just take off and throw away without thinking twice, extra lips on moisturizers are meant to stay there. Products that contain active ingredients that can easily be broken down by excess exposure to light or oxygen need that extra layer of protection. Of course, your moisturizer won't go bad immediately if you prematurely toss the lip, but it will be more effective for longer if you replace the lip after every use.

Maybe it's slightly annoying to have to deal with two lids every time you go through your skincare routine, but hey, you have to take care of each other, right?

Image: Miki Hayes