Teresa Giudice Didn't Watch 'OITNB' Before Prison

Since her release from a nearly year-long prison sentence, Teresa Giudice has spoken out about what life was like during her time as an inmate in the same federal correctional institute that served as the inspiration behind Netflix's hit show Orange is the New Black . And it turns out that life does imitate art, at least in the anecdotes provided by the Real Housewife of New Jersey about her experiences. Since it seems like everybody on the planet is obsessed with OITNB and eagerly awaiting its new season, paired with the fact that fans of the show have wondered how truthful the show's depiction of life at Danbury really is, it seems natural to assume that Giudice watched every season of the show prior to beginning her prison sentence.

Well, it turns out that Giudice apparently has never seen the show! In her new memoir chronicling her time behind bars called Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, Giudice reveals everything about her life in prison, as well as information about her life before becoming an inmate, her rise to fame, and her marriage. But one of the most shocking things of all is that she never watched Orange is the New Black before heading to Danbury.

The reality star reveals that there were plenty of similarities to the show, from awful food and bathroom conditions to romance among inmates, but she says she didn't want to watch it: "I just wanted to go in and figure it out and see everything for the first time on my own."

Though she is familiar with the show, it's pretty shocking that she didn't watch, even out of sheer curiosity. After all, it's one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and it's become something of a pop culture phenomenon since its debut in 2013. It's definitely hard to ignore its impact, even for those of us (thankfully) not headed to the same prison in real life.

Perhaps she felt OITNB would hit too close to home for her, but maybe she will cave and watch the show when she's ready. It might touch a nerve, sure, but she will also find that it's funny and endearing, and it may give her comfort to know that the experience is behind her and that she's moving on with her life. Plus, who can resist Poussey?!

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