The 10 Best Tricks to Make Heels More Comfy

by Erin Reimel

There is simply nothing quite like walking down the street or into an important meeting wearing a killer pair of heels. Those statement black stilettos have always had your back — they've been through all the big milestones with you, and they'd never do you wrong. There's only one (giant) issue: your "killer" heels are actually killing your feet. So how do you make high heels comfortable?

Whether you feel sharp pain in the ball of your foot, in your heel, or seemingly everywhere, you've probably tried a few tricks. There are a ton of products on the market, from can't-live-without-them gel inserts to blister blocker for your Achilles' heels. The products that make those adorable heels feel like you're walking on clouds may not be the cutest things in the world, but going the extra mile to get the right ones sure does the trick. The best part? No one will ever know the difference. You'll leave all your friends looking on in wonder, amazed that you can manage to dance all night without going barefoot on the dance floor.

Keep a few of these necessities in your purse for quick fixes in the middle of your most important occasions, and you'll never want to take your heels off again. Well, you probably will, but not nearly as early on in the night.

Relieve Pain with This Numbing Peppermint Foot Serum

Sole Serum Foot Pain Reliever , $20, Amazon

With the pain-relieving properties of lidocaine, Sole Serum is a quick fix for sore feet. After massaging the lavender, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil wherever it hurts, its powerful numbing action will work in minutes to give you two hours of heavenly relief. Bonus: the non-greasy mix won't stain your shoes.

Make Tight Shoes Roomier With A Multipurpose Heel Stretcher

Footfitter Premium High Heel Shoe Stretcher, $30, Amazon

There's no easier way to break in your heels than with this Footfitter Shoe Stretcher. This one is specifically made for heels that are three-to-six inches high, and it comes with three adjustable plugs that specialize in addressing bunion issues in the shoe. Let this stretcher do all the work for you — no more walking around your house all day just to break in your heels!

Guard Against Blisters With A Non-Greasy Balm

Solemates Blister Blocker, $13, Amazon

When your shoes are strappy, there isn't much room to slip on a bandage or a heel pad. Enter: the Solemates Blister Blocker. Unlike other balms, this formula isn't greasy, so your feet will stay protected from irritation but won't become slippary. Apply the lubricated formula as a preventative measure before your feet start to hurt, and you'll be prepared for the worst.

Cushion The Ball of Your Foot With Cool-Looking Gel Pads

Foot Petals Technogel , $9, Amazon

Give the ball of your foot a break with the shock-absorbing Foot Petals Technogel. There's a reason you've seen these pads before: they're easy to use, and they actually work. The reusable cloud-shaped pads slide into the bottom of your shoe for maximum comfort. Though the ball of your foot does a lot of work every day, it takes on even more pressure when you wear high heels.

Alleviate Arches With Leather Insoles

V iva Orthotic with Arch Support and Heel Pad, $27, Amazon

These Viva insoles help redistribute the weight your foot has to hold, so you don't get that shooting pain in your heel or the ball of your foot. These narrow orthotic layers will fit into almost any kind of shoe for added support and padding, and their vegetable-tanned leather even has carbon odor control.

Customize Your Fit With These Spongey Cushions

Butterfly Shoe Cushions , $11, Amazon

Stop stumbling in your too-big heels by placing these ultra comfortable sponge and spandex cushions exactly where you need them to be. Not only do they prevent painful blisters from forming, but they'll let you customize the exact fit you want with none of the friction you don't.

Protect Your Foot from Rubbing With Silicone-Lined Socks

HUE Women's No-Show Sock Liners , $12, Amazon

The HUE No-Show Socks have a silicone liner at the heel to help them stay in place while you walk around, in addition to adding a little extra padding. If you're wearing a pair of closed-toe shoes, the extra barrier of these low-rise socks are perfect to protect your foot from irritation.

Strain Nerves Less By Using This Toe Tape (Yes, Really)

Capezio Toe Tape , $8, Amazon

This famous toe tape (used by dancers who spend hours on pointe) is known for being more durable than regular tape, while maintaining the flexibility necessary to move about comfortably. By taping together your third and fourth toe, you fortify the nerve in your foot that's often strained by upright high heels.

Prevent Friction and Rubbing with Perfect-Fit Moleskin

First Aid Only Moleskin Patches, $7, Amazon

Custom-cut the exact shape you need from these First Aid Only moleskin patches, and then secure these pieces onto the parts of your shoe that rub. Never again stuff tissues into your shoe to avoid friction, as that just gets gross and sweaty — this premium-grade moleskin material will stay dry and soft to help protect your heel.

Side Step Blister-Prone Toes Entirely With Square-Toed Heels

Calvin Klein Spectator Pump, $99, Amazon

These square-toe Calvin Klein heels offer more room for your feet than the pointy-toe situations you were probably rocking earlier. In nude and white with bright yellow detailing and a metallic silver stripe, these are the heels that will match anything in your closet. Don't give up your height for comfort: get the best of both worlds.

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