How Does Kylie Jenner Wear Her Lip Kits? She Has A Go To Look For Each Color — PHOTOS

With more Kylie Lip Kits coming out every week, it only makes sense that the woman behind them would give us some pointers on how to rock them. How does Kylie Jenner use her Lip Kits, you might ask? She's got a different shade for every occasion and each one is just as fabulous as the next.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics site, more Jenner-inspired makeup products are on the way, and if they're anything like the Kylie Lip Kits, then you know they'll reflect Jenner's killer style and fabulous makeup skills. What I love the most about her lip products is how she's constantly wearing them herself, so you know she really loves 'em. Jenner and her friends have been sporting the lip shades since the very beginning, so we now have a pretty good idea of how she prefers to wear each one.

The six hues are each perfect for a different occasion. Whether you're hanging out at home or trying to spice up a formal outfit, Jenner has some beauty inspiration for you. Just take one glance at her social media and you'll without a doubt be inspired. If her next products are as true to her style as these lipsticks are, then we'll all be Jenner-ified in no time.

1. Candy K + Smokey Eye

Jenner rocks the light pink shade with a matching subtly smokey eye. Because this shade has a brown undertone, it's great for pairing with neutral colors.

She seem to wear this color the most, and almost always rocks the same eyeshadow look when she does.

2. True Brown + Rosy Cheek

I never would've paired a dark brown lip and a rosy cheek together, but it looks absolutely gorgeous on Jenner.

It doesn't get better than this.

3. Dolce K + Subtle Glam

The nude-ish pink hue is perfect for adding a little glam to a look without completely stealing the show from your outfit. You almost can't tell she's wearing anything at all.

4. Posie K + Lip-Centric

If you're going to wear a bright pink, you might as well let it be the star. Jenner wore just mascara on her eyes, so the look was all about the lip.

5. Mary Jo K + Voluminous Lashes

This red shade is perfect for a sexy, bold makeup look. All you need is strong brows and voluminous lashes.

Bonus points if you match the shade to your outfit.

6. Koko K + Bold Brows

The soft pink shade is perfect with a statement brow. It's got just enough brightness to bring some femininity to a strong look.

Her best friend Jordyn Woods also rocks the shade with a similar style.

I guess there's some method to the Lip Kit madness!

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