Bruce Actually Goes Through With Trachea Surgery

Looks like those rumors about Bruce Jenner hating his trachea were true: According to The Daily Mail, Bruce Jenner underwent a procedure to shave down his Adam's Apple recently, and was spotted leaving a Beverly Hills surgical center with a bandage wrapped around his throat. You can check out those photos here.

The reasoning for this? Jenner hasn't made any comments on why since he was spotted leaving the surgical center recently, but when gossip blogs first began reporting about his desire to get the surgery, he told TMZ "I just never liked my trachea," and was going to go through with a Laryngeal Shave.

Of course, news of this procedure did nothing to quell any rumors about Bruce Jenner wanting to become a woman — a Laryngeal Shave is generally the first step of gender reassignment. Like this report from the National Enquirer, which states that Jenner allegedly wants to undergo gender reassignment surgery to become a female.

Similarly, a report from Star (hilariously) claims that Kim Kardashian is allegedly urging Jenner to wait before he undergoes surgery, so her wedding to Kanye West can be the center of attention in the tabloids. On the other hand, Bruce's sons Brandon and Brody reportedly don't think their father is undergoing gender reassignment surgery, and I feel like it's probably safe to say they know him better than any tabloids do.

Either way — hopefully Jenner is more comfortable with his trachea now.